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Pristine One


There once was a girl who said to her parents one day that there is nothing in this world that I cannot do. I can do all and everything that I want to do and no one who knows me can stop what I am about to tell you. There is a cavern in the middle of the earth that is but one of many. In that cavern lies a truth that is irreversible and trustworthy, there is a relic in that cavern that speaks of days gone by and people who roamed the earth looking for a civilization that they knew had been here once before.


This civilization had many tools and many ways in which they used them. These tools were not of the kind that were found in the mines and the caves of the simple ones. They were tools of such magnitude that they were seen to have come from another world, a world in which the ability to travel the cosmos was commonplace.


As these people roamed the earth they took with them the ability to see into the future. They came into many a village and asked for guidance from the ones who resided there. They were found to be very friendly and carried much Grace. As the days wore on they were found not to weary or fall into disrepair, for they had a sustenance that rivaled none.


These people took a great deal of trouble to make their journeys full of success and reaping great reward. They traveled in places where no one had gone before. This is where the cavern system comes in. Though there was great beauty on the surface of the earth, there too was great awe of appreciation of some of the network of caverns that lay not too far beneath the surface of the earth. With this system of caverns there was established a plan, a network that was precise and full of promise for the future discovery of a definite mapping of not only what was beneath the surface, but also what was above the earth in the cosmos.


This mapping brought great consternation for some of the beings on the surface. These ones had found earth to be much to their liking and had considered earth to be their new home. They wanted this planet to be theirs to do what they wished with. After finding this system of caverns and its familiarity to the cosmos, they decided that there had to be visitors who had no place in their exclusivity on the planet. They set out to find who it was that had infiltrated and caused such deviations from their new home and way of life.


As they perused the artifacts in the caverns they could see the patterning that they spoke. They could see the language that carried a message of love and light to all of the universe. They could also see in their expansiveness that this message of love was not only one that rang forth through the crystals and vibrations that emanated forth through the heavens, but it also rang forth into the very center of the earth.


One day they became aware of a resounding vibration that was unmistakably an answering ring from the center of the earth to the ones that rang forth beneath the surface. These answerings rang forth at a tremendous speed and the message that was transmitted was unmistakable. It rang forth the tale of the capture of the ones who had found their new home on earth and had wanted exclusivity. They were now in danger of losing this and they would soon know the ones who were to be their neighbors and fellow earth beings.


This did not ring well with them, for they had long felt their claim to the planet. They gathered in their various places of community and planned a way to overcome the onslaught that they expected. They announced meetings of the elders that were to take place at various places and all at the same time so that then the representatives of these meetings could gather at an appointed time and discern what they would do.


This proved to be their downfall, for as the results of all the meetings came together in the final appointment, they found all of those around the globe to be of differing mind. They found that in their own ways they had found expression for their own inner voice, and there was great diversity expressed in all corners of the globe.


This dismayed the elders and in a momentary uprising they tore into the ones who had reported this diversity and accused them of not keeping the purity of what they had determined was to be the way of life on planet earth. They told them that they must go back to their communities and right this wrong that had been brought against the elders, and that they must then report back and assure them that there was once again a common union in the intent of how to live on earth.


For decades and centuries this went on and in the meantime, the strength of the elders was diminishing. No longer was there the strength that had once ruled the clan. Over and again there were meetings of the elders and over and again the reports were unsatisfactory. There was an obvious shift to another way of life on planet earth, and this was the beginning of the end of the kind of life that the elders wished for their private home planet.


What had happened, you see, was that the life light of the soul of earth had reigned on in the hearts and minds of all life on earth. This had the nature of overriding anything that was not in harmony with what Gaia held inherent with her connection to The Source. This was the one factor that had been misconstrued in the patterning of communication contained in the system of caverns as they resonated with the center of the earth, the heart of Gaia. In her own way, Gaia was keeping her equilibrium and was assuring her place in the universe.


I tell you all this right now because there is about to be opened the very cavern that contains the essence of this history. This is to be the unearthing through the system of caverns that will be abridged through the reopening of some of the mines on earth. This reopening will lead to the discovery of this one cavern where the data of this story is contained. It is a secluded cavern that was sealed off eons ago and was known to be re-opened at some time in the future. The technology that was present at that time far surpassed any that is known, or even conceived of on earth at the present. There is to be a reawakening of many people’s memories of this cavern and the technological information that is contained in that cavern. These people will be drawn to be in the position that will give them access to this cavern and its contents.


Realize that I speak now of the time in earth’s history before Gaia came and became the soul of the planet. This was in the days of the morphing of earth from her original state to the one that was in readiness for her inner knowing expression. This was after earth had become separated from her original identity and was flung off from its other part. Separation had begun as a concept from that first moment of impact from the force that had impacted itself upon the original cosmic body. Once the separation had been accomplished then it was a matter of this whole new way of being to take form and to begin its expression in the energy of separation. This was ordained by The Source and was the intent of the cosmic bodies at that time in the development of the universe.


As I tie this all in with the beginning of this message I come to the part where the girl is relaying to her parents the story of the cavern and the relics found within. This is a time when all of these stories and relating of truths are being brought back to the surface of many of the ones whose voices were silenced when it came to such matters. It was not time in the evolution of man to be able to not only understand and comprehend the magnitude of these tales, but to also agree and give credence to them. Now is the time. Now these tales and more are coming to the surface, emerging from the caverns of the minds and from beneath the actual surface of Mother Earth. It is time for the parent to be known and to listen to the truth that they as well have kept hidden in the recesses of their minds.


I invite you all to bring these stories to the surface and realize that they are not mere ramblings of an over-active imagination. These are actual accountings of what at some point of your evolvement were memories of what you lived and experienced on earth. They hold validity and they hold promise for your future, for they hold a piece of the puzzle that provides answers to some of the deepest laid questions of the times. Allow yourself the voice of freedom in order to be able to release all of those old memories to the voice of freedom and awakening from the caverns of forgetfulness.


I invite all of you to answer forth when the question of your beginnings comes to mind. Give yourself the gift of discovery and know that the voice that once was silenced is now able to be heard. Ring forth the message of the truths that come to be recognized and know that as you do you release any bonds you have on the old promises of keeping unto yourself that, which is honored and exclusive to yourself. You are now remembering that you are more than one group, you are all of what there is.


I leave you now in honor and in love. Be forevermore the totality of that which you are.


Thank you dear Pristine One, Source of all life on Earth,

Love, Nancy Tate