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My dear ones of the golden light, I am here this morning to take you on a journey, one that will captivate you and hold you in its charm for hours to come. In this journey there may be some surprises and a few known parts of the story. Shall we begin? I am Kryon, and I have come back to this one’s field today to give you this gift.


Long ago in the days of the Nibiruan’s descent to earth there was a lone being on the planet who knew of their coming. He knew for in his state of remembrance he was here in the capacity to welcome them to a time when they would have great influence not only on their lives, but on the planet as well. This person was a lightbeing of the highest magnitude and with this greeting he prepared for the visitors from the cosmos, there was an advent of a new way of life on earth that would begin with one of the most remarkable of events that had ever taken place on this new planet.


As the ship descended to the surface this being, whom I will identify now as Lucifer, for this being was a furtherance of the soul who was to enter the embodiment of Lucifer, stood among the reeds, and watched as the ship bearing those who would deliver unto earth the pioneers of the next segment of life forms unto the earth approached the landing area and set down.


As the occupants of the ship emerged from the vessel, they looked around and hesitated only moments before stepping onto the hard ground. This was not the first time that people from Nibiru had descended to this planet. There had come before a lone man who had set the stage for the onset of the new age of creation. These ones who came now came with a direct reason that connected their home planet with this one. They came for the gold, and for the ability to repair the atmosphere on Nibiru.


What they did not know at that time was that their destiny on earth was multi faceted. They were to follow urgings and inspirations that came from their inner knowing of what was to take place on the earth and within it. They surely as there is now a re-emergence of their heritage, came to set forth on a journey that would bring them to this present day, and beyond. The beyond part of this journey is the one that I take you on from this point in this message.


You all know the story of Adam and Eve, the Biblical history of what took place and the progression unto this day. I will not review this for you, for there have been many interpretations of that history. Each of you carries within your field the actual accounting of how those times transpired. That is a story for another time, when you are able to access it for yourselves and to share your own individual parts of the story with each other. A day of days that will be!


Now I am here to take you beyond this day and into the New Golden Era of peace and love. I take you now into the immediate future, for in these coming days there will be a great revival of the idea of truth in the eyes of the world. There is coming a demand worldwide for the truth of your history to come forth and be revealed. This will come with the onset of the fall on earth, and I speak of the autumn months when I say fall.


In these coming months there will be an event that will so traumatize the people of earth as to render them speechless and unable to bring to their awareness the brevity of what they have witnessed. This will last for only hours and then the actual truth of what they have witnessed will call out to them to demand an answer that speaks of the times past and the times that lay in the shadows. The people will rise out of their stupor and will take to the streets and the capital places of the world to demand an answer to not only what has taken place, but what has come about in the years and other catastrophic events that led to this final one that took humanity over the edge.


My dear ones of earth, you are about to embark on a journey so profound as to reckon the premises of truth to the door of every person on this earth. The reverberations will be felt worldwide and will bring many to their knees and then to their feet to rise in truth of what they have remembered from the cavities of their long forgotten memories of their lives on earth. They will ‘know’ on a depth of knowing that what they are witnessing and living now rings as a memory of times long ago.


This time, though it will be an event that carries with it an empty danger, for in the energy of the event will be revealed that intervention has been bestowed upon the life of earth, and the catastrophe does not carry with it the consequences that it did those years ago. The result of this event will carry only the trigger to the remembrance of the energy of betrayal and the ability to walk out from the cloud of deceit and into the freedom of choice according to the intent of The Creator.


As this wave of truth sweeps across the surface of the planet there will come an emerging from the center of the earth. That emergence will take on the form of the communication of the truth throughout the world, and the action needed to deliver the truth in manifestation to all parts of the globe. Those responsible for this mighty event will be delivered to their final place of destiny. They will be given the opportunity to divest their destiny in a way that represents the truth of the Source in a way that bespeaks the Grace that is the final outcome of all life.


More importantly, the people of earth will then begin their journey into the new age of life in the light of truth. There will be a time when there is a great upheaval on earth. It will come in the form of single events that will serve to uphold the ideals and intentions of building a new life on earth that will serve all who came to earth on that ship eons ago and held in their minds and hearts the secret longings for a new life on earth.


These ones who pioneered this human life on earth came with a secret desire, instilled in them by the Source to come and divest their energies in the investment of bringing paradise to earth forevermore. They knew not the path it would take and the living of the destiny that was ordained by The Source, Creator of all.


As life is begun anew in the energy of rebuilding the promise of life on earth, it will be the enactment of life on earth as was seen in the souls of those early pioneers. You see, they were enacting what they knew to be their roles on earth in the physical. They too lived their consciousness and through the energies of earth, which represented only a fraction of the awareness of The Creator, they laid the foundation and erected the buildings of the duality experience on earth.


Those early pioneers are here on earth once again. They are here embodied, accompanied by their evolved souls in order to play out the last and final vestiges of the old ways of being and doing. The final playout of the beginnings are underway, and as they emerge and take shape on earth, the ones who lived it before will live it once again, with a difference. They will take what was and change it. They will live the different result of that which was, and they will change the course and story of the history of man in the ending that represented the downfall of humanity after that first catastrophic ending those thousands of years ago.


This is a soul dance that will take place all over the globe. Even the place of origin can be seen by all to be in its final stages of the playout that will bring it all full circle. This time there will be a different outcome and as the smoke clears there will be a wellspring of love and compassion so great that it will sweep across the globe and enter into every heart on the planet. As the clouds are lifted from the hearts of man, there will be a unification of input for the rebuilding of the earth in the destiny that was envisioned so often in those early days.


I tell you all this now my dear brave ones, for you are the early pioneers. You all were here when the clouds and waters spilled across the lands and desecrated your lives. You have all aspected your souls and divided the experiences of those times so completely so as to reach every part of the globe with your intention for a life as was first envisioned. Your numbers are multiplied and your intentions are heightened and represented in every race every culture and every way of being on planet earth. What was once expressed and experienced within on that one part of the globe is now widespread and living in the hearts and souls of all life on earth.


This will manifest in the times to come. Hold on to that promise you have made to yourselves and know that as you do you are assuring the destiny that frees you once and for all to reach the Promised Land that opens the door to Foreverland, and into eternity. Keep the knowledge strong and sure in the times to come, for in these times you will be asked to hold on to that truth. You will ride the waves of change and challenge for a very short time, and then it will be freedom and joy for the rest of your days.


The best way to be in that strength is to live your life right now and for the times to come in the joy that is around you. See those with whom you share these times as the family and friends who chose to be with you, and you them, at this time and realize the strength of unity that you share. There is no better place for you to be right now than where you are, and as the next days, weeks and months come and slide by you will know deep within that this is so.


I take leave now and leave you to your journey. I thank Hatonn for inviting me to this journey and to this messenger, with whom I have alliance. We have traveled far and wide, all of us, and I never am away from any of you, for you are my family, as I am yours. Trust in yourselves and know that as you rise to what is coming you allow the God within to step forth and be heard and lived. For within is the abiding place of all freedom and love, joy and peace. Know it as you are, live it as you do.


And so it is.


Thank you dear Kryon,

Love, Nancy Tate