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Kryon & Hatonn


Kryon or Hatonn, please would you elaborate on what you told us in the message of August 27?


My dear ones, there is nothing to fear. There is coming an event, a spectacle of immense proportion. This will come according to the star nations results of bringing a part of the plan into readiness. As the star nations have been in alliance with the Galactic Federation, there is a determination that is being made as we speak to bring about an event that will rock the rafters of heaven, so to speak and allow the things that have been hidden to be revealed in the droppings that will come from this rocking.


We are here to advise against any fear that will surface from these reports. As the pieces fall into place there will be sentries along every corridor who will be there for those who find themselves in fear. These sentries are people of earth with whom we have been working to stand by and assure the people that there is more to what is being displayed than meets the eye. The people will be told the truth about what is taking place, and as they realize the depth to which the present regime will go to place before them a fearful display, they cannot overcome the trail of truth that is waving across the globe.


Truth will out, and the tables will turn on the efforts of the cabal to present an atmosphere in which they can gain more power. This ploy of theirs will not work, and as we employ all of our emissaries around the world to inform the people with incontrovertible truth they will see that there is nothing to fear in the skies above and certainly nothing to fear on the ground.


There will be a time when those who have not been approached will find the fear jump into their field. This is when they will be approached, for it is within the scope of that fear that the emissaries will tune in and realize their place for the easing of that personís fear. It will be an immediate presence, and one that the person will trust, that will come to the side of that person, and advise them of the truth.


Understand that this is all part of the destiny of these people who will be helped. It is part of the opening that will take place; they will have called it in on a soul level. This is their time for the remembrance of who they are and what they are here for. It is the time for them to step out of the suit of forgetfulness and into the raiment of full recall.


This can happen most times in families; there can be one person in a family who will come to the others and tell them of the awakening that has taken place. It can also be in communities where the combination of societal events and called for meetings will reveal the truth. This will all come from trusted members of the families and the communities.


These emissaries have been working in their sleep time, and some of them in their waking hours to be ready when the time comes. There is no reason for anyone to fear earth calamities or catastrophic political upheavals, for what is to take place will be of epic proportions and will be well monitored by the star nations and the Galactic Federation.


Some of you have questioned what are the star nations and how are they in co-operation with the Galactic Federation. Realize that there are a number of sects that comprise the cosmic family, just as there are earth sects in the governance, and military as well as other parts of the society of earth. In these sects there is an entwining of communication and co-operation and each one is in constant contact with the other. As these operations on earth wind down to the eleventh hour, and the operations here in the cosmos interact with each other, we are in constant contact with all that is taking place on earth.


We are aware of the energies that are building with every aspect of earth life. We are in total and complete compliance with the Creator, and with all levels of this communication and undertaking. The cabal is under the impression that they are immune to all of our ministrations; that is the extent of their arrogance and the realm of denial of what their position is in this whole scenario. Despite numerous and myriad talks we have had with them, they still are dealing in their own ideas of what they can do, for they have so immersed themselves in their own deceit that they cannot see the source of it, or the ending of it. It has indeed become who they are, and they do not deny themselves.


As we enter into these times that are upon us, we do so with full authority from humankind. We also do so with the full authority from The Source of all. Coming into this time is like opening up a box that has had stored within it for generations the treasures and trinkets of past experiences. As each one is brought forward there is a remembrance that takes precedence in onesí mind for the moment of discovery. As the items are brought forth and laid upon the table they impart a certain energy.


This is what has been taking place with all of the clearing that is going on around the planet. As all of you clear out past emotions and energies of the experiences you have accumulated over the lifetimes, those energies of memory are touching in with those of the present. This brings on a series of repercussions that given enough focus serve to manifest once more and give those involved the opportunity to say yes, this is now, or no this is old energy and has nothing to do with today.


That is what you all are being given right now. You are being given the opportunity to see the relevance to your present life of what is coming forth emotionally and physically at this time. This is taking shape in all kinds of ways, and as they come forth to be examined they are assessed and allowed to flow forth into transmutation, or they are held onto and made to manifest once more into the reality that is present.


This is what is happening with the cabal. They too are re-experiencing all of the old energy of war, and conflict, and the need to attain and retain power over the rest of humanity. As they do this there are the ones who are experiencing this emergence of old energy and saying no, this is not today and I allow it to flow on by into the light of clearing. This is stepping up, as the energy of truth is strengthened more and more it is overcoming the darkness that has pervaded so much of humanity.


This is why with the event that the cabal tries to bring about there will be an overriding of what is presented and this will allow the way for our contact with all of you. First you will be presented with a preview, by the cabal. You will know in your hearts and souls that this is not representative of your origins. You will know, for you will not hear our language of love in your soul and you will know that what is being presented to you is based on illusion not on truth. You will then know that there is a truth that will come and present itself, and it will come when you are ready for it.


There is no stepping back now and allowing your inner knowledge to fight with the presentation that is staged for you. You will watch their performance and you will know that it is not what you recognize as truth. There will be some on earth who will cower and who will believe what they are being told by the cabal. Those people will come to no harm and they will be told the truth by our emissaries. As they are brought to their own truth, through their free will, they will follow their inner guidance, or they will experience that soul decision that they have made for this time.


Dear ones, this is a pivotal time in the life of humanity and earth. This is the time when all of the cards that the cabal have created are out on the table. There can be no more deceit and coverup, for it will not stand your scrutiny. There are more and more of you who are standing up for what you know and feel to be your rights as citizens of this planet earth. Those who still have their blinders on will find their new place to be in the time to come. Know that they operate on soul contract and that they are fully exercising their free will and the inherent right to make their choices.


Those who choose to experience something other than what others on earth will experience will find their way made clear for living out their contact in a place that suits their intent. There is no one who will be left behind anywhere. Everyone on this planet will be residing in the exact place where he/she chooses. This is the truth of the universe and is ordained and decreed by The Source, Creator of all.


There is only one way to be, and that is the truth of choice. There is no other way to express except for that of individual choice. As we wind down to the final bell in this game of choice we are finding more and more have crossed the line and are standing in glory in their Light of truth. They are giving their all to support that which they know to be the way of love, and as they join in harmonic toning, they ring out to the rest of existence that all is one. That reverberates throughout all of life, giving every particle of life, every atom the opportunity for total and complete oneness in the intent of that particle of life, that spark of The Creator.


As you go into these next days, weeks and months know that your every wish is what you will receive, in the time you call for on a soul level. Know that your life and that of those around you is precious and fine to all of us. We are pledged to do what it takes to make sure that this is all carried out as is ordained by The Source. Your wish is in command. Humanity has spoken, and as the bell tolls on into the hearts ands souls of all of you know that the song that is sung throughout heaven is your song of the rebuilding of heaven on earth and that it is being prepared as we speak in the realms to which you are ascending.


Hold on to your hats for just a little while and watch, as would an interested bystander, as the cabal brings forth its final play to an audience that has left the theater. Have compassion for them, for this is their last farewell, and the theater will ring no more with the sounds of their toning. It will ring with the tones of love and joy forevermore.


Thank you dear Kryon and Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate