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Well, my dears, are we happy yet, or is there still a little bit of remaining memory of why you are always feeling tired, dragged down, or in despair? This morning was one of those for Nancy; she didnít know how to shake it or what to do, for when she tried meditation it only drove her to a blank space. She then decided she needed to listen to, or do something earthly that would uplift her, that would bring her to a place of joy and life. So she put on the CD of her favorite local band and danced around the living room. She now sits her at the keyboard rejuvenated and full of promise for the day.


Iím not suggesting that the only thing that can bring you up is something earthly; Iím not suggesting that going within is always accessing a blank slate. Sometimes it is an earthly pleasure that can open the gates and allow the inner joy and peace to shine forth. This is what it took for Nancy today. Now she is communicating with me and she is ready for the day. I am Hatonn, and I have been with her since before she came into this life, long before.


There is a pleasure that is welcoming for all of you when you are down and feeling as if there is nothing worth living for, or smiling for. When it is a drudgery to just get through the next moment or the next hour, there is always something waiting in the wings for you to bring you to that place of peace and joy. To say that there is only that of Spirit that can bring you to that place is indeed correct. That is because there is nothing on earth, or in existence that is not Spirit.


Yes, you all know that, I hear you saying. You realize that Spirit Is. Remember that the next time you are feeling low and find that nothing you try helps, if what you are relying on to bring you up isnít accessible to you. The door many times is made of an earthly fabric and once you get beyond that door, you are in Paradise.


Many of you these days are finding yourselves in this kind of emotional upheaval, or burrowing, as the case may be. This is part of the process of ascension. Some of you expect that one day you will wake up and you will be in full remembrance of all it. Look at it this way; you have a bowl of ice cream in front of you; you begin to eat it and you savor the various parts of it, for it is full of your favorite delicacies. Then someone throws a bunch of dirt on it, and you fight to remove it with your spoon. You think youíve got it all and then lo and behold in the next spoonful, there is another small clump sitting there in your face. So you separate it out and discard it, and savor the delicious remains of the spoonful.


As you continue this process the bowl of ice cream becomes less and less full. The delicious contents diminish and you are almost at the end. In order to make the treat last longer you savor it even more slowly; then something drops into it, maybe a feather floating down from the sky. You pick it out and look at it, considering whether or not to keep it and clean the debris off it, or throw it to the winds. As you do this, the ice cream melts a little more in your bowl, so you sip it out of your spoon and consider maybe hurrying through the rest of the dish. But somehow you canít; you want to keep the enjoyment going for as long as you can.


Soon you have one more spoonful, and you hold it to your mouth, breathing in the cool delicacy and the smell of it, anticipating the experience. You slip the spoon into your mouth and you close your eyes to better taste the delectable blend of flavors. Then suddenly, it is over. Your bowl is empty and so is your spoon. You have come through the experience enjoying every part of it, even those parts that for a moment caused you some consternation. Once they were behind you, they were considered part of the whole experience. You are on the other side of an experience that has changed your life. You will never be the same again, for before you began to eat the contents of that bowl of ice cream, you were a different person. Now you know what that difference is and you are happy for the experience, looking forward to more someday.


You have awakened to a whole new you and you remember everything about the experience, and you as well remember all the other bowls of ice cream in the memory of this one, for the emotions are the same though all the bowls, all of the lives and all of the experiences of love and growth and renewal. There is nothing in this life that cannot be duplicated with an emotional experience. You are one spoonful away from remembering all of it; every experience is at the beck and call of your intent to recall that which is prevalent in your desire.


You have crossed that threshold that you call the shift, the zero point, or any other term used to identify that moment of ascension. That is why some consider ascension to occur in the twinkling of an eye. It is because until the bowl is empty and the spoon is at rest, you are in the process. As well, if the table was full of people and all had bowls of ice cream the party would not be over until all at the table had finished and laid down their spoon.


We are with you though this experience of ascension, all the way. We hold your hand when you ask; we soothe the brow when you look our way for comfort. We smile when you emit a shout of glee and we dance with you through the song that makes your heart sing, whether it is ďLeChanceĒ by Trainwreck, or Ave Maria sung by a chorus of angels. Whatever it takes is the motto of the day, and we are right there with you dancing, praying, tearing up, and smiling forth, for it is a journey of unitedness and we are all in this together.


Remember to call on anything that can elevate your heart and bring peace and joy to your day. We applaud your choices and salute your own free will.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate