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My dear ones of television land, it is not as you would expect, this invitation I bring you. The television I speak of is that of your own inner vision, and what you tell others of it. It is a matter of being able to translate from your own inner knowing, that which is inherent and unique to your own understanding of the inner language.


I am Hatonn, this day, and I come to you with a message of love and a message of truth. This is a truth that I speak of that supercedes all else but which you know to be that of your own. There is only One, and therefore the truth that you perceive is that of all else’s, except in their own interpretation of it.


Allow me to interpret my meaning of this for you. We see an elephant walking down the street. To some he is cumbersome and large, unable to graciously travel down the boulevard of life. To others he is of immense size and stature, and they give way for him in respect for his demeanor. For still others he is a curiosity and he bears paying attention to as to how he maneuvers in and out of the various passersby that come into his path. He never touches one, yet he is welcomed with smiles and grins.


There are those who cower from him, and fear his weight and size. They feel a threat as to his voracity, and run from the scene. Why would anyone care to see this apparition as anything but dangerous? There are those who come up and follow this elephant and watch his every move, the rippling of his muscles and the sinew beneath his feet. Their curiosity overcomes them and they know no fear; they are indeed safe.


Which one of these responses to an elephant walking down the street would you say is inaccurate? Is anyone of them more to the truth than another? Would not the one person say upon reviewing all of the responses that his is any more valid than another? If so, who in the fray would argue and say, “No, my response is the real one, the one that tells the truth of the matter?”


This is life my dear ones; this is the way of it in the land of the Internet. With all of the emails and the postings of various truths, where is the discernment coming from? Why is it that one who is known to be of sound mind and judgment does not agree suddenly with something that you know in your heart and mind to be true?


This is what is happening more and more these days. This is the truth that bears looking at, and seeing the variety and wide berth that is coming through from all of the avenues of thought and discernment. One can find any degree of truth in any of the reportings and sharings, yet there is no one thing that shines forth from all of it.


Or is there not? Is it possible that the one truth has not as yet been recognized? Is it possible that the one truth has not been appreciated, and therefore has not been accessed by the One of humanity? This is what bears looking into, in the recesses of one’s soul. Upon further looking one may see that the truth covers all of life. Life is truth, and with this truth all is correct. All is with the realm of consideration to be truth for individual contemplation.


Where does this bring us then as to why I bring this to you now? What is the message I bring you that supercedes all else? Are we not all sentient beings and capable of seeing our own truth and at the same time not relegating other’s truth to the basement? There is one consideration here, and that is that there is much that is taking place in this world of humanity. There are sojourns taking place all across the globe that tell of the truths of mankind.


What are these truths if not representative of all of society and individualism? Cannot we find a common thread here, and see the way in which all truth can be woven into a tapestry that is so beautiful and interesting and divine that we can spend the rest of eternity playing it out in the intricacies of life? Why not give it a try? Why not say to yourself, this drama that is unfolding before us is a part of the tapestry of life on earth. Can that possibly change the way we approach what is taking place? Can it possibly put a new slant on our response to any given event that takes place with the interweaving of the actions of mankind?


Think for a moment of how this would work in your own community. How would it affect the everyday comings and goings of the law of the community? Seeing everyone’s viewpoint from a standard of unity; how it would affect the whole can bring a new sense of truth to any situation. It can bring about a deafening silence or a crawling roar to any of the decisions that are brought forward in that light.


And what of the world events? The limelight is on America, for the most part. What will happen in the present regime and how long must we endure this playout of wills? By approaching all of it with a new sense of interest, detached from the instinctual anger and frustration, can open up a whole new way of looking at the issues. Think of it all as a fray from which any one person being taken out and considered as an individual, what do you see? How does this put into perspective the totality of what is taking place, and what do you do with it? Where is the source of your frustration and anger then, and what in that can you see to do to bring those emotions to a place of power, rather than force? Where is the boundary by which the events of war can give way to the power of peace? Where does the one leave off and the other begin?


These truths are yours to see. They come from your heart and your inner voice. When you turn on the television and speak forth that which you see in the deepest reaches of your inner television, you can make a difference that you never thought possible, one that can bring a new way of approach to an otherwise impossible situation.


How to be a lightworker and a citizen at the same time? See it as one, with no difference, and you will see the answer that your inner television is showing you. Then go out and live that life telling all of your inner vision, and what the truth is that you see, and that encompasses all of life on planet earth. It is there, you know, and it is yours to see. Live it, and you will find the truth to be united in purpose and vision for all to see.


I leave you now for the moment of truth has come. I love you all and I shall return on the waves of love and in the Light of truth.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate