Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 20, 2003


            It is a day when you will feel the comings and goings of the heart my dears. It is a day when you will fall in love and the results will be astounding. This is Lotar, and I bring to you a side of myself that I have not as yet exhibited. I introduce to you my twin flame, Zeta.

            Hello my dear ones, I am in the throes of a new feeling of love, and this has come over me as a pudding takes to the topping that embellishes it to the partaker. When I am in this state it is as if I am walking on a cloud of pure silk. It is slippery and it is fine. I glide over the fabric like a lizard slides over the desert sand. I caress the feeling as it caresses me. It is the kind of feeling that takes you to a new height of awareness, and it is taking me to a new awareness of you and of this wonderful one who brings this message to you.

            When I agreed to be a part of this venture, I told myself that this would be a wonderful thing, and I did not know the half of it. This has been one of the finest moments of my being, for it is the epitome of all that there is in God. I love the way it glides over the very essence of who I am. Have you ever seen a rainbow from inside the essence of it? It is a wonder to behold. It gives you a sense of standing still in the eternity of the All. It is as if there is nothing to it that is ever going to end, and that is because it will not. It is eternal.

            I take you through this journey with me to show you how it is that there are always two ways to look at the same thing. You have become acquainted with my twin, Lotar, and now I show you another side of him. We are one and the same, yet we exhibit the range of the totality. How often of late have you allowed the other side of you to emerge? Is it only one way for you, or are you coming into your experience with the fullness that is the wonder of who you are?

            When this day is done, what will you have done with it? Will you have captured the rainbow and ridden it to the ends of the earth; or will you have stayed at your work and taken it all very seriously? I am going to take a lollipop and hold it out to my Lotar for his scintillation. I am going to watch the sunset and then turn around and watch the sunrise, all at the same time, and then I am going to count the stars in one section of the sky, and see the next night if I see any more. I am going to live the day to itís fullest and then I am going to live it some more.

            Tell me, my dear friends, are you in love with your self yet? Are you empathizing with the times that you are in sorrow for the times when you are not in love? Are you regretting the times that are past, and have nowhere to turn but to someone else who is not there anymore? Well, my friends, I suggest that you look to the other side of yourself; and see what treasures are there for you to explore. Itís a wonderful journey, and you can make a big difference in your life.

            I know whatís happening in your world right now. I know the big promise it holds for you when it comes full force into your lives. I also know that you are the ones who will be bringing it in, with the help of the masters youíve called upon. Well, let me tell you, you will need some help from the other side of you. You will need to call upon the side of you that has been sitting back in itís seat, anxiously tapping itís foot to itís inner rhythms and waiting for you to take it dancing, or swimming, or out to the tennis courts. Come on, take a break from that computer, or that office chair, or that stove and washing machine and go out into the day and play a little. Take a few moments to just step outside and watch the leaves rustle on the trees, or to listen to the children as they play in the park, or go join them.

            I love you all so much, for I see myself in you. I see the joy with which you are working in the positions that you have chosen, and I see the other side of you that is patiently waiting for itís expression in the world that you are creating for yourselves. So go ahead and immerse yourself in that wonderful, world changing work you are doing, just donít forget to play and smile, and love and laugh along the way, for that is ever so important. I love you! Ciao!!!


Thank you dear happy Zeta,

Nancy Tate