Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 27, 2003


            My dear ones, I wish to address this assembly at this time because I have a matter of utmost importance to the people of the world. It is one of direct intervention and one that is increasingly needed for the people of the world to regain their freedom from tyranny and disorder in their lives.

            When this came to my attention the other day, it came on the flurry of wings of the Dove. It came from the hierarchy of the angels, and it came to me from the pens of the people who saw the retributions of the Holy and the dammed.

            I am St. Germaine of the Lighted Realm, and I am coming to you with the Violet Flame of truth and justice on this day, and in this assembly of people of the world.

            When I came to earth to work on this project of utmost importance to the world, I came with the knowledge that the road would be rocky and at times cumbersome. I came also with a resolve to bring this to the fruition that is expected and demanded of the people. I came with the attitude that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished within the scope of the possible, and that includes all there is.

            My dear ones, this is the day of the coming of the Lord. This is the day when the student of the Lighted Realms is you and is all who walk this earth. When the keeper of the flame brings the spark to each of you, you will find that there is nothing that can extinguish that flame that has grown from the truth that is inherent in each of you.

            I bring to you a challenge; I bring to you an ordeal that is set aside in the name of the Creator. This is a time when the world is changing before your very eyes. There is no longer the continuing stream of difficulty that is being bombarded from the stream of your intent. What you are living now is the remnants of that intent to bring a degree of chaos into your lives, and bring to your lives all the elements of the agreements that you made with each other all those millennia ago.

            That time has come to an end, my dear ones. That time is over, and the new way of life is beginning. Lay down the accoutrements of battle, and pick up the sword of truth and light and love. For this is the day when the visitor from the galaxy is showing himself to all of you. This is the time when the steward of the solar system is taking his seat at your side and telling you that it is time to love one another and stop all this bickering that is taking place. He comes to you at this time, for it was foretold that this is the time to extinguish the candle of fear and allow the light of the Love to shine forevermore and be the beacon that rests on the manifestations of all that you create.

            This steward in your night sky is the beacon for you to realize it is now time to put aside your differences and just love. Live every moment in love and set aside the need to be right, the need to defend yourselves against the supposed opposition, and the wonders of the ones who have worked so long and so diligently to bring the negative reality to all of you. They played their parts so well, they dare not give it up, for they feel it their own, that is the nature of the shadowland. That is the nature of the forgetfulness.

            Remember who you are. Allow the truth to come streaming forth, and allow the visions of the forefathers to come into fruition and bring this system to its knees, and declare itself in the hands of the Lighted Realm and the people. This is the destiny of this planet, and it is the destiny of the people who live here. It is the destiny of the solar system to host the wonderful part of its family and welcome the wayfarers home. This is the time of the coming of the sun, and the time is joyous and the time is grand.

            Fulfill your deepest intent and awaken to the various aspects of this time in your lives. There is a time for the advent of the Holy, and this is that time. Remember the ones who have come to assist and give them your hand in co-operation, for they are nothing without you, and they may as well return to the home of the Lighted Realm and wait for the others to return, unless you come and stand by our sides in this time of transition.

This one who receives my communications has asked me if it is her place to guard the secrets of the communication she received last night, or to fling it to the far corners of the globe. It is I who suggested that her mission in this is to allow the eyes of the world to know, to see, and to hear in their hearts the message of one of the Lighted realm that is being shown to the world by another. This other one too has stood at the alter of the one who is the central part of this issue of which I now speak, the one of the Lighted realm who offers us his protective light as we work with you in the interest of NESARA. This one is assisting in the way he has chosen in the council that was held before the onset of the coming together of NESARA. This has been a venture that was born in the Lighted Realm from the intent of the people on earth. We read your call, and leant our assistance when the time came to bring it to the ones who started the manifestation of the properties of NESARA.

            Now it is almost at your table. Very soon, there will be a feast of celebration and the guests will be everyone on earth, and the favors will be rich beyond compare, for they will rest in the hearts of everyone of you, and will fill the places next to you.

            I leave you now and ask that you keep the light on and the supper spread, for the warriors are coming home and they are famished! Their hunger is for the light that they have worked so diligently towards, and they will sup of it forever.

            Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate