Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 26, 2003



            Good morning my dear ones. I am St. Germaine, and I have come this day to share with you a great deal of information, and a degree of flattery concerning the influence that you are having on the efforts to bring NESARA forward into the mainstream of the world’s consciousness.

            I know that the concerted effort of so many is bound to make a difference, and so it is. When the results are seen around the world, it will be as a prism of light and a network of gleaming sparkling stars. This is the picture that we see as we peer into the very immediate future.  

            One of the things I wish to inform you of is that there is a continuing semblance of order at the meetings in which many points of law are recounted and examined for any slippage through the cracks there may be in this cause that is before the table of the pertinent points of legality. There is no time now for a legislative direction that would examine the amendments that have put in place, therefore there is a continuing examination of the present laws and amendments that will ferret out the necessary elements to the positions that we are being placed in by the ones who would see NESARA fall by the wayside.

            Realize that there is no way that these ones will succeed in their quest. It is not in the interests of the people, and the people will prevail. NESARA will come to the people of the world. The process of review of these present laws and amendments is a rewarding and eye opening process; for within it there are many surprising acknowledgements of points that have been snuck into the legislation after the voting has taken place. This seems to be a common thread among the publications and documents that are associated with this issue and all of the components surrounding it.

            When we go before the World Court, we will be armed with the irrefutable evidence of what the laws state and what the amendments have changed within the laws. This is evidence of some backdoor politics that has been going on for some time now. When the court sees these documents, they will realize that there is a discrepancy in the documents and therefore many will be declared null and void. This is a case where there is confusion in numbers, and in going around from another angle to see what the others are doing. In other words, the ones who have provided the legislation have forgotten some of the complications that they have created, and amid the chaos they have created an even deeper chaos.

            We have been sifting through this chaos, my friends, and have found many points in which there are confirmations of the confusion and evidence of beleaguered laws that have outdated themselves because they were forgotten, overlooked, and seemed to be negated by other more recent ones. However, this has been an error in the summation of those ones, and it is going to prove to be their downfall. There is no way that they can deny that which is before them, and bears their signatures.

            As these certain points come to a place where there is nothing that can overturn the progress that has been made in that direction, we will continue to bring these points to your attention. In the knowledge of what is before you and the World Court, is great power to bring the truth to light. There is no turning back from the mud on their faces that those ones have flung there themselves. This is in plain sight for all to see, and cannot be denied.

            As you go through the rest of your days and into your nights, you carry with you the knowledge that you are sovereign people. With that knowledge comes a degree of action and a degree of justice. When this is carried out in action there are results. When this is carried out in justice there are results. It is a perfect blending of the cause of the systems of the world of Spirit to bring this new system to the people of the world, and the beginning of the new Golden Era. You stand in the light of what you came here to do. This is to carry out the rest of the time in this particular phase of the play, and render it over, and the start of the new paradigm in place. For this I salute you, and I carry on my part in this, as per your request. For this moment, I bid you adieu, and return to my duties.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate