Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 21, 2003



            What would you do if you had your life to live over? Would you live it as you have? Would you give yourself the same choices and the same banterings that you have given yourself this time around? Or would you change it; would you make it all roses and lollipops, and puppy dogs and sunshine? Good morning my friends, I am St. Germaine, and I would like to make a point that is not usually covered in these communications.

            When you came into this life, you chose to give yourself a set of circumstances that would take you through many and various times of trials and tribulations. You did that in order for you to come to a place in your beingness where you were able to see from those trials that there is really a time for all that, and then there is a time for all that to teach you what it is that you donít want, but have been holding on to.

            Now I am going to tell you that which you havenít heard here before. You can go back right now and change all that has come before. Yes, that is right. You can choose to erase all that has come before since you were born into this life and render it all different, to your choosing now. One of the ways that you can do that is by not allowing any of the thoughts about the victimization, the sorrow, the fear, the trials, the anger, any of that ever to come to mind again and remain past the moment it shows itís head. You can in that instant that it comes, deny it and it will never darken your door again. It may try, but it will not be as strong and persistent as you.

            Take NESARA for instance; when you think of Nesara, do you think of all the things it will wipe out and change? Do you think of the ones who have been so consistently creating the trials and injustice in your life? Or do you merely look at the points that are representing the power and the justice that you can have in your life? Look at the things NESARA brings and concentrate on the powerful ways in which it will help to bring you to a kind of life that is equitable and wonderful for all of you. See the positivity in any issue that it covers, and see only that positive side of it. Give no energy to the side that represents that which you do not want in your life. Take the focus completely into the bright aspects of NESARA and that is what you will have. Any of the shadows will melt away and be supplanted by the light of your new choices.

            This is the lesson I learned on my way to the point in which I experience now. I gave away all the shadows, and saw only the light that remained. This is how you too can do it. You already do it to an extent. How many of you realize now that at some point in your lives you blocked something from your memory, just to have it resurface at some later time? This showed you what is was that happened to cause you to act in some of the ways you did. Now, you can forget it again, for that has been learned and now you are free of it. You need not remember it in order to keep yourself from falling into the old habits. You have learned, and once learned, it is not forgotten; unless you choose for it to be. Why would you choose for it to be? Because perhaps you want to live in that energy again in order to be a victim again. Thus, lesson not learned.

            The world and the energy that supports it are different now, my friends. No longer is it necessary to carry all that baggage. You can allow it to fall by the wayside and not pick it up again. You have surpassed the point at which you came in, and the choice was yours collectively. You as a mass consciousness decided to take the new energy potential and make it your way of being now. You decided that and now you are beginning to live it. This is what I have been communicating to you this day. You are in the times of the new paradigm, and NESARA is the thing that will usher out the old and carry in the new for all of you. Look upon it as the carrier of lifeís tales and the new way to be in these new times. Let the old ways go, and look at the moment you are in right now, and know that it is your choice to pick up the gifts you have left under the tree and open them to your delight and your appreciation. It is your gift to yourselves, and it represents the age of new beginnings and no past to fall back into.

            As I sit in my chair this morn and survey the world in its glory, I see the results of the creation of my new world. I see your new world as well, and it is the same my friends, it is the same. Go out into your day, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Thank you Beloved Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate