Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 18, 2003


            Good morning my dear ones! I am St. Germaine, and I wish to tell you of a development that has taken place within the portals of time on your planet. There is a so-called governmental issue that is coming to the front on this day and into the night that will take you to a place that will be remembered throughout history. This is an event that, though it will not be known to many, will be felt in the long run by all.

            When this event occurs there will be a full force of light beside the other forces that decide to bring their influence into every aspect of human life on this planet. This cabal is ending; and the new paradigm of light and love for every being and every creation of the Creator Source of coming to the everyday lives of everyone on the planet. This is the promise that is being handed down to all who have ears to hear, and eyes to see.

            Sananda and I are taking our places in line along with the ones who are in the forefront of this movement for the new paradigm. We are taking our orders from them, as well as from the Creator. There is no way that the other ones can triumph in their cause, for the energies of change are not supporting their regime any longer. What you are seeing at this point, my dear ones, are the death throes of the energy that has for so long manipulated the people and the energies on this great Mother earth.

            I make a suggestion to you all, this day. I wonder how many of you would follow the workings of a man if he was disguised as a sheep and led you to pastures that were lush and green, and covered over in delicate blossoms of white. Would you follow and find that there were snakes and creatures of prey hiding in the grasses, or would you allow the sheep to first proceed into the field and see what comes of them? This is the mark of a society that knows how to use their intuition. This is the idea of allowing your inner guidance to lead you through life and live in the moment that is presented for your creation. Find the intuitive guidance that has worked for you on occasion, and allow it to guide your every step.  Find the lesson that you bring yourself in the steps you take through life, and know that you have good purpose for the steps.

            When Sananda and I addressed the council this morn and delivered the sword of truth to their doorstep, we were met with the truest of reactions to the moment. We were told that there is no need to come into the depths of the subject and that there is no need to explore the caverns of the issue as we have been. This was not met with sublimation. This was met with the authority of our stature and our knowing. This you too have the power to follow. This too, my friends is inherent in you. When you are met with the soft bleating of a sheep that is taking you into a blind alley, you will find a strength in taking another look at the clothing that the sheep adorns.

            Today, while you go about the ministrations of your life, do so with the strength that gives you pause to rejoice in your wisdom. This is not an ego rejoicing, but a knowing that you are walking in the shoes of God. This is taking the murmurings of that inner sure voice and acting in its behalf. It is standing in the light that leads the way to the best of conditions and decisions for the moment. It is standing alongside the ones who caress you on the back and whisper of a job well done.

            As you go about your dayís activities, say a prayer for all those who are misguided and stray from the flock, for they are the ones who have lost their ability to hear the murmurings. They have walked for so long in the steps of their forbears that they know not their own voice. They too have a heart; they too are Our Fatherís children. So, when you raise that sword of truth, make sure that it is of the light and delivers only the truth to the one at which you thrust it. This is your strength and this is your truth.

            I join you in the fields of daisies, and I walk with you through the perils that await, for they are only an illusion. Your light and wisdom will render them gifts of the light that carry a message of love and hope and freedom for all. I salute you and bless you all.


Thank you Dearly Beloved St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate