Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 28, 2003


            Good morning my friends and countrymen. This is a morning for frivolity and merriment for there has been a deed put into place that will make a big difference in the outcome of NESARA. It is one of going to the depths of your inner clutches on money and finding the hands that are stuck in a grip that hasnít been loosened for many millennia.

            When the idea of exchange was first employed in this world, it was because the outgoing energies of goods was becoming unbalanced and some people were in a position of want and neglect. This caused the advent of exchange between two or more people and the end of self-sufficiency.

            I will back up a bit here and let you in on something that you may not be aware of. It is that there hasnít always been an exchange idea on this planet. There was at one time an ability to find for oneself the goods necessary to carry on oneís life. This was done in a manner that bespoke oneís ability of manifestation instantly, with intent.

            In this way there was always that which was desired and intended, and there was no thought of asking anyone else for something, for it was as breathing that these things were provided. It was a part of the process of living, another function of the body and spirit. This was the way of it, in those days.

            How did we stray so far from that way of being, you wonder. How did we fall into this exchange idea? Well, my friends, it was due to the fall from your ability to remember who you are. It was because you did not remember that you could. Simple as that!

            Now it is time to start remembering. One way you can do that is to let go of the ideas you have about exchange now. Do you remember the last time you thought about how nice it would be to have something in particular? How did it come into your life? Did someone give it to you, or did you exchange something for it, money perhaps? How did you feel at the time? Did you feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction, or did you feel unsatisfied just a little because then the time had passed for the anticipation?

            My idea of what you feel may have bearing on how your world looks today. This is the time in your evolution when you have decided on a soul level, to let go of the idea of exchange. Yes, that is right, your higher being knows that you have one life left in which to let go of this idea before the new way of looking at it is upon you. This is the time of opening up the packages youíve put on your shelf, and examining the contents to see which ones are relevant to you now, and which ones can go by the wayside.

            Letís look for a moment at the advent of material goods. This was a custom that was started way back in your evolution when as a person who lived in a cave, you looked at a flower outside your door and thought, how nice that would look in my hair; or, Iíd like to be able to smell that aroma all the time. So, you plucked it from the vine and soon it wilted and died. This was an example of the cycle. You loved, you admired, you took it from itís source of life, and you were dejected, unsatisfied, disappointed. Did that stop you from doing it again? No, it started a chain reaction that you are in the last throes of now. In that act of wanting to have what you did not produce, for the purpose of your entertainment rather than your sustenance, you disrupted your natural way of being and providing. I am not saying that is wrong or wicked, no indeed. That is merely the way it is.

            Now is the time when you are being asked in many ways to look at the material gatherings you have brought into your life, and ask yourself why you have them. How is it that you have assigned so much importance to what you do not provide for your sustenance? Is it perhaps because you do not have the original intent to provide for yourself, rather than relying on another for the provision? Is there any thing here that gives you a feeling of joy, or of love for another? Is there merely a feeling of wanting some more, until you have no room for more? When is the idea of exchange going to find itís satisfaction and declare itself full?

            I am going to tell you of a time when this was the only time of a personís life when he could take his own resources and be happy with the results they brought to his life. This was the time of the inquisition, and the people had nothing that the Queen did not provide. She gave them lots of goods, but not without a price. This was the price of their lives, in whatever way she deemed appropriate. Your lives were hers and you abided by her rules. But you had your own things that you provided for your pleasure and satisfaction, and she could not take them from you, for they were provided by your hands from the very things that you gathered. You created from these gatherings with love and with pleasure, and you did not mind when they were taken from you, for they meant nothing to you, for they had served their purpose in the feelings they had garnered. That, no one could take from you.

My dear ones, this was your choice. This was the way you set it up in order to find your way out of the bondage. Do you see how you have worked through this scenario before? Do you see similarities in the various records of time and events on your planet? You have divided up the earth times of events and periods into distinct times and for reason. Do you see how that has happened? Do you see the intent in that doing? Apply the exchange idea to each of those periods and find the common thread that ties it all with repeated history.

What is the answer then to todayís situation, and to the request that has been recently made? What is history telling you, and how are you going to get it and change history, once and for all? Take a look at how you regard exchange and the means by which you do it. Find the emotion and the energy behind it, and how you feel about it. See if thereís another way you may find to approach it, and if that will enable you to feel more powerful, and less bound to any one thing.

Iím not going to tell you how to come to this realization. That, you have the wisdom for. I am going to say this much; you are a sovereign human being who happens to be more spirit than human. You are about to embark in your humanness into a world of abundance and treasure. How are you going to approach it? What will you do in your world with that new abundance? How will you feel with what you do? This is a self-examination that I encourage you to, and one that can assist you to a clearer look at yourself and your life here on planet earth. You are the stewards of this great planet, and your Mother Earth loves your position in her life. She wants you to live your life in an example to yourselves of your sovereignty and your love of all there is, and that speaks in the way you live on her surface and in her waters and in the air that you breathe.

My friends, I am Sananda, and I come to your freely each day with my song of love and exchange my love for yours which is given freely and without bounds. I sit and I sup with you whenever I want and you give freely and in love. We go through life in your planes and your cars and we go to the wonderful resorts and we swim in the oceans and we bask at the shores in the sun and the warm sunny days. We play tennis and we throw balls to each other, and we play and we dance and we sing. We make love and we make war, and we make children who love us, and we make joy our favorite sport.

We do it all with things that are purchased or exchanged. And we do it all because we desire and we intend for our lives to be enjoyable, and we know that the bottom line is love. We know that we can love as a pauper, and we can love as a King. We know we can love as a prisoner and as a judge, and we know that a teacher loves as the student does.

What does this all say about exchange? Look at it with your heart and youíll know the answer. I leave you now with this thought, It is better to have loved with the best of the times than to love and not have love in exchange.



Thank you dear master Sananda,

Nancy Tate