Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 25, 2003



            It is a bright and sunny morning in the mountains and on the plains. It is a morning to shout to the winds of the joy you feel for the wonders of nature. This is the time of your life, no matter how old you are to find a place in nature and visit it every day for the healing properties you can derive from Mother Earth and she from you. Yes, it is a two way street.

            Good morning I am Sananda, and I wish to say to you all that I was in nature all of my life as Jesus, and when I walked the sands and grasses and rock-strewn mountain paths, I was in continual communication with the heart and soul of the beautiful being that we call Mother Earth-Gaia.

            She and I used to sing to each other. We would whistle and hum and blow a song of love for miles. We would throw bolts of lightning across the sky and see how far and for how long we could keep it up. We would roll our balls across the skies and let the chips fall where they may. We would whisper our lullabies of sweetness and fall asleep to the gurgle of the life liquid boiling through our bodies. We would sleep as the tiny creatures walked over our bodies and carried on their night activities in their own private way.

            Do you commune with Mother Nature? Do you look upon her as a living being? Listen to her for a while. Get out of town and just listen to the trees and the brook, and the sun as it plays over the sands and the rocks. Yes, if it is quiet enough, you can hear the sun talk to Mother Earth. If you can’t get out of town, find a quiet corner of the park, and just be with that park, quietly with deep reverence. Soon you will hear the sounds of the park, and you will be able to communicate with the sounds of Gaia there in that square foot of ground. You will be able to hear what is heard on the other side of town, in another part of the state, in fact, you’ll hear what the person on the other side of the globe can hear.

            Do you know the language of Gaia yet? Do you know what she whispers through the meanderings of her brooks? She says, “Come and cool yourself with me so that we may be as one and I may share my life blood with you.” When you sit neath the branches of a tree and listen to the breeze as it whispers through the leaves, she is saying to you, “Come and rest your weary bones and I will tell you a tale of sweet remembrances and times of old.”

            When you walk over her sands in the desert and stop to admire a cacti that has burst forth in bloom, she says, “I am protected from the vagaries of the wind and hot sun by the sharpness of the thorns that adorn my skin, but still I exhibit my beauty and share it with you. This shows that you do not have to touch to enjoy and be a part of me.”

            As you walk in the smooth cool grasses that are freshly mowed, and your bare feet touch the moistness that has been released from the tips of the severed blades, she says, “I may bleed a bit from this activity, but I want you to now that I forgive and give you these tears by which you can cool your hot feet.” When the tall grasses on the plains hide your legs to your knees she playfully exclaims, “I am playing hide and seek with your legs and my hidden secrets. Careful lest you encounter a snake and he scurries away in fright!”

            Mother Nature has many ways in which she shares her love with you. She likes to give of herself, and she likes it when you give back, though she doesn’t ask. She knows that when you learn of the exchange benefits you will always give back, and that is coming to the front more and more. There is coming a new realization of the sweetness and the sorrow of Mother Earth. Yes, you are all beginning to remember how wonderfully she had been supporting you all these millennia, and how unconditionally she has been loving you.

            Now it is time to awaken once more to the two-way path of love with her. As you awaken to the love that you hold for yourself, you are automatically awakening to that connection with Gaia. You can accelerate that and allow the opening to take place more rapidly through your intent in action. This will also assist in the awakening of your inner self. See how it works in unison? All is one, as is seen in this as well.

            My dear ones, this has been a journey through the paths of life on planet earth. I join you in the loveliness that is expressed in her love for you and you for her. When she cries and throws up her hands in despair it is because she is in so much pain over the times that you bring to her and to yourself through your pain and despair. She wants to help you, so she calls out in the only way she can, and that is in upheavals and eruptions and spewing forth of her despair. She knows that to be heard she must speak louder than you do, and that breaks her heart, for it means she must unleash forces that she didn’t want to unleash. She must take dramatic action and she cries as she does it.

            One more thing she does is, while she is doing it, she is seeing also the new beginnings that even her movements of labor are bringing about, and she knows that it will be alright once again. She sees that the natural way of things sometimes looks worse than it really is, and that there is always a coming back to the perfection. She knows that your pains are going to reap the rewards of their passage. And she knows that one day, you will set aside those ideas that sorrow and destruction are the only way to get to the light. She knows that one day, your world will be infused with light, and that is the day of the reckoning. You will live together in harmony and love, and the way of communication will be constant and compassionate and loving. This is her vision for all of you and her, and this is the gift she brings to your doorstep. Pick it up, unwrap it and hug her with your thankfulness. For you and she are family along with all that smiles down upon you from the heavens.

            Salu!  Blessings are upon you!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate