Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 19, 2003


            When you wake up this morning and smell the roses outside your window, take a moment and thank the roses for their gift. They are the song of God and the sweetness of life as you know it. Good morning, I am Sananda, and I welcome you to the wonders of this world you call life.

            When I walked this earth as Jesus, I was one of the chosen who showed by my example what humanity is capable of. I walked as you walk. I loved as you love. I lived as you live. Now I am as you will be very soon. What will happen first, is that you will finish out this final phase of this life that you’ve known, and it will absolutely be a grand finale!

            When you go out into your village and city this day, you will do so with eyes that see the illusion. I am suggesting that you see beyond the illusion and see what is behind all the busyness that is taking place. When you visit the store to buy a cup of steaming, aromatic coffee, look the person in the eye as he hands you the cup, or the change for the money you give her. Then smile and say good morning to the angel who stares back at you. When you catch that speeding train before it leaves the station allow that woman to sit and rest her back for the child is heavy in her arms. Then smile and greet this angel with a rose for the day.

            These are the things that you do to show who you really are. You do them sometimes without thinking. That is the angel that you are. We need a lot more of this, and we need to take this to the top of the ladder of commerce and industry. This is the sweet pill that transforms and creates justice in the land. There are many out there who are being led as sheep to the fold. These ones are blindly being herded to their final destination and will never wake up and take another direction unless someone gives them a rose. Make it a rose of many colors, if you wish. Give them a rose that is fragrant beyond compare. Put a rose of many layers in their lapels and watch the reflection of the colors light up the color on their cheeks.

            This is a world full of angels. Many have forgotten who they are, and a gentle reminder may set a spark aflame with a knowing that will build within them and burn out the dust and cobwebs that have obscured their truth for so long. A gentle smile and touch on their arm may feel to them like a threat, but after a while in remembrance of that touch they may long to feel it again, for it was the touch of God, given in love.

            Remember the lost ones, the forgotten ones. The ones who lie in their own refuse and pain, for they are the ones who have chosen to show you what you have not chosen for your life. There is purpose in that, my friends; give them a rose as well. When you argue with a neighbor and slam the door on their anger, stop for a while and think of the rose, then give them a rose at their door. As you go about your day and find that you want to play, but there is no time. Give yourself a rose, and take the time to play with your dog or your child, just one minute or five, or sixty.

            I tell you this, that when I walked the sands of Galilee I played and I danced and I sang with the children of all ages and all kinds. I loved to kick up my heels and sing off key in the moonlight. It filled my soul with the love of my Father, and I knew that I was invincible. This too you can do, and more. My brothers and my sisters you are invincible with the love and the might of your Father and mine. Take that rose and go out into your world with it and lay it on every corner there is. Take it and lay it with every cause that lights up your life, and every sadness you find.


A rose is a rose, and your life is your life, and always the twain shall meet.

You walk in the moonlight and run in the sun and know that life is so sweet.

So take all your worries and take all your cares and sweep them under the rug, 

For God has the wisdom to know where the rug is and he has the broom that will sweep         All of the debris and all of the dust and make your life ever so sweet.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate