Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 13, 2003


            It is a morning to rejoice; and it is a morning to revere the state of the world, for it is getting us to the place where we want to be, and that is a place that sanctifies the All That Is. Good morning, I am Sananda, and I welcome you back to these transmissions.

            There is a time in everyone’s life when there is nothing to do but go to the source of the situation and heal it from the inside out. This is that time, and you are all doing just that, but getting into the heart and seeing the power that is there. When you go through your days and survey all that goes on around you, you see the many varieties of expression that occur from the ability to know what it is that you desire. You also see what it is that comes about from the act of walking in a daze of openly being the free will amnesiac that you have been for so long. This is changing my friends, and this is the core of the situation in which you find yourselves.

            There is a proverb that has come to mind this moment, and served the world for many years. This is that there shall be no one who is above, nor below that of God. There shall be but the sovereignty to oneself, for there is no other than oneself and oneself in God. This is the thought that has served the world, and has been in the background of many minds and many hearts. You have not been aware that this has been shaping your world as surely as the deliberate actions that you take. You have been living this life as if it were the only one you have. This is a reflection of the fact that it is; yet it is also more than that. This is part of the whole that you have experienced, whether you call it this one lifetime in which you interact now, or the whole of the lifetime experience that you have been living for time immemorial.

            Now my friends, it is time to perhaps see your lives as the outcome of all that has come till now. Perhaps it is time to come to the front of the creation that you have expressed, and take the world you have built and run with the society in which you live. This is a far richer time you live in, than the last, and then again it is all the same, for it is all in the eyes of the beholder. There is no greater time than now, and yet it has all been, remains so, the best that there can be. This is the moment that is the best, for it is the only one you have.

            What do you see in this moment? Do you see a moment of chaos, or do you see a moment of perfection? Is there any difference, or is there a wide spread between the one and the other? I suggest that the one and the other are the same, even the wide spread is the same as the one and the other.

            Having said all that, do you see any relevancy to the state of the world right now, to the state of the world at any other time in history? Are there similarities? Is there a way that you can see a different conclusion to the set of circumstances of the time now? Where are the vague generalities in this picture of now, and how can they be transformed to suit the larger picture? I give you food for thought, for there is more to the picture of the moment than may be in your focus. There may be another view that you have not used to bring this situation that is in this time into a differing focus from the one it expresses in now. Can you see it? Are you feeling a difference? Are you moving in that feeling to a different place of experience? Do you dare bring that difference into your world of expression?

            We here in this realm that you see as different from yours are walking beside you. We sit with you at the table when you sup on your delicious foods. We sleep at your side when you visit your dreamworld. We play games and cheer you on when you stride forth in your adventures of the day. We are right here with you, yet you do not see us. We are looking at you now, and you look right through us at another person or thing in your line of vision. Think again, and see us. It is that simple. See the ships in the harbor and know that they are there. See our hearts and our eyes as they feel your presence, for you are capable. Know that we are here and you will begin to see us. Feel our presence and you will begin to know how we look to you. Let your feelings tell you what to see, and the world will look different to you. Demand to see that which you intend for your world, and it will be yours. This is the law of the universe; therefore it is the law of the land, for it is all the same.

            I have brought you these words on a day when the lives of many stood still. This is the day when saints were born and mountains were built and conquered. This is the day when all wonder and all deeds of joy manifested themselves in a single moment. This is the day when a new life was born and another adventure began. Take this day and create magic from it. You will see history repeat itself and another miracle come forth. Shine your light on all you see today, and repeat the song every moment of the rest of your life, for it is now, and it is beautiful. I stand in love with my brothers and sisters, and we are rejoicing, all of us. Thank you for being my world and my life, for I AM That I AM, and that is All That We Are.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate