Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 15, 2003


            Good morning my dear ones, this is Lotar, and I am seeing you in your shining glory from my home on a moon of Jupiter. You are providing quite a spectacle to us here as you pour forth your radiance from your activities of the heart and the strength of your beingness. It is as a checkerboard of light patterns as your administrations take their various places on the board of your life. We see patterns that change and move about through the interchanges that take place within the goings on that you pursue. We see the changeability that you exhibit through the colors that stream out in a rainbow that is fluid and brilliant. It is as a kaleidoscope that we view our neighbors who are involved in such a wondrous time of their evolvement.

            Now is the time when the events of the planet that is home to you are responsible for the changes you undergo. It is the events of the mind and the heart that make the changes of the physical. This is becoming more and more obvious to you, even the scientists of your world are seeing this, and corroborating what you have known for some time. Now you are living that change in deliberateness, for you have found the proof that you asked for. Now your faith is being augmented by science, and you are stepping up the ways in which you manifest. Yes, we can see all that. We can see that the power that comes from within is being utilized so much more these days.

            There’s something else that we see from here, and that is that the event you have steady and strong in your lives is just ready to pop into the mainstream. It is overflowing with light and you have deposited most of that light. The difference in that light in the last few weeks has been phenomenal! You are developing your powers of manifestation at a rate that is incredible to see. This is the power that moves the universe, and you are tapping into the reserve that you have been keeping in storage for all these millennia. You were keeping it for this time, my friends. And you are right on schedule.

            We on Jupiter are involved with a project that is basic to your lives at this time. We are preparing to come to earth with the envoy of homecoming that has been ready, and awaiting this glorious hour for some time. We are going to come at the appropriate time and join the other envoys from the various parts of your galactic neighborhood, and we are going to have a reunion that will outshine any that has come before. This is our promise to you. You will be shown the wonderful neighborhood of which you are part, and you will be given every opportunity to join in the festivities. There will be a ceremonial reunion, and there will be feasting. There will be demonstrations and there will be speeches. We will dance and we will sing. We will cry and we will laugh for joy. You will be reminded of the love your family has for you, and you will be able to say goodbye to the old times with a reverence and a compassion that comes from the heart and soul of the masters that you are. We salute you and we love the sight we see from here. Hold your heads high and walk in the sunshine of your smiles, for it is heaven on earth that you are creating, and it is NOW.



Thank you dear Brother Lotar,

Nancy Tate