Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 14, 2003



            I come to you this day with a message of purity and good for all of mankind. This is a time when all the souls that have incarnated upon this earth come together and claim their rightful blessings. This is a time when there is a coming together for the sake of freedom. This is a time when the future of the Spiritual freedom will be unbound and free flowing in every aspect of creation. There is one thing we wish to ask of you, and that is that you find it in your hearts to come to this plateau with an understanding of the path that you have taken and that you pursue it in the name of the almighty One that is. This is the oneness that is promised by the One that is you and all of you. We come to you from the hierarchy of the angelic realm, and we bring to you a song of praise and blessings for the future and the present, for there is nothing else. There is to be an unveiling of sorts that will take place within a few short months, and that is the unveiling of the uncommon knowledge of the universe. The storehouse is right there on your beautiful planet earth, and there is nothing else that can betray the information that is contained within the proverbs that will be revealed at that time.

            When you get to the place in your knowing where the information is as a second nature to you, you will know that there is something further that you have designed for this planet. And it is with this knowing that you will progress further into the realm of the fourth light and proceed to the fifth all in the same breath. You will go from there into the everlasting realm of knowingness from which you sprang. This time it will be different, for along with your evolution this too has evolved and it will fit your energies as it fits itís own. There will be no more energy concerning a blasphemy of the Spirit; there will be an energy of coming round to the fullness of the cause of the light growing in the infinity of the All there is.

            When this is realized there will be coming together a great deal of divine worship, and this will result in the moving forward of the tenets of faith that have served you in the past. These tenets will lay down the prophesy that is coming to the close of itís reign and will usher in the new dispensations that will be the reigning factor for the onward motion of your destiny. Please do not feel that this is told to you in the energy of ďmust doĒ, for it is all according to your choice. This is the continuing wave of free will as it expresses itself in the new way of being in the fifth realm, and it is all new my friends, it is all new.

            We come to you this day with a promise. There is nothing that you can do that will stop the forward momentum in the light. For there is a coming time when the so-called darkness will be as the light, and they will reign in infamy unto the infiniteness of all there is. Within the spectrum of the light are degrees of expression, and you will be accomplishing the coming together of the degrees to the infinite wonder of the unity within the light.

            We realize this is a turn from the usual that has been coming through this one. This is an example of the energy of change that is coming your way through the factions that are taking their places in your world at this time. There is much to be revealed as to the actions that are coming forward. This will be revealed, along with various other ideas that will spark a remembrance in all of you at some point in time. Be aware that there has been a stopper removed from the jar of forgetfulness, and now the information is streaming forth. It may seem at first to be just a bit of unassociated ideas and information, however as it accumulates it will become evident to you what the message is that streams forth from your own beingness. This will bring the clarity with which you will carry on your lives. There will be an interruption of the usual ideas that have propelled you thus far, and an emergence of a different viewpoint, one that is steeped in Spirit and a knowing of who you are.

            This is the time, my friends, when there is nothing to gain by burying your head in the sand, for the sand will dissipate and the world will be right there for you to see and for you to recognize as being your own making. The light will shine forth from your hearts and you will know who you are and pick up the pieces of your life and walk on in the light of your life.

            We are the light bearers and we come from you. We speak from your knowingness and we represent your future, as it comes into your Now. Go into your now and recognize us, for we are here and we are Now.


Thank you dear Light Bearers,

Nancy Tate