Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 22, 2003


            I would like to wish you all a good morning and a fine day of activity in your various places. This is a day when you will find the various instincts you have for many reliable nuances of power within yourself, for there will be opportunity to count on them for many uses.

            I am speaking to you from the heavens; and I am one of the Galactic Federation. I am going to interpret a message that this one received in her sleep last night, and I am going to advise you to take heed of the content of the message.

            When we come to your world and show ourselves, we will be coming in benevolent energy. We are going to become as you in size and scope, for we do not wish to overcome your sensibilities as to our outer appearance. When this happens, we will come to all of you around the globe in numbers that will support your environment, and we will continually monitor your response to our coming.

            You will find that there is a definite similarity of our countenance to yours, for we are able to duplicate at will. This is something that you will be able to do as soon as you remember that and carry it in your consciousness. You will remember all the qualities you carry at some point of your ascension to your lightbody status.

My dears, this is a time for you when you are opening up to the real world. When NESARA comes streaming forth with all itís reformation you will automatically fall into a feeling of trust and hope for a new world. You will in turn allow those feelings to trigger the knowingness inside that has lain dormant for so long. This will then open your energies to supplant the negativity that has been prevalent with the positive light of truth regarding who you are and what the real world is.

            As we come into your midst, we will bear the swords of truth and wisdom. We will show them as pillars of light and we will allow you to see them in their finest embrace. They will speak to you, and they will anoint you with their promise. They will appear to you as flames of all colors, with violet being the predominant. Ascended Master St. Germaine will come to you holding his violet flame and he will touch everyone of you in your hearts with itís fire of love and compassion. This will be a simultaneous action, for you have called for this, and it shall come.

            Your world will change dramatically over the next century. You will find many instances when you will suddenly stop and allow a thought to escape from the old times. This thought will be a regeneration of the old times for the purpose of tying in with the new in perspective. There will come a time when you will not find it necessary to experience this, for the integration of the values of the time continuum will be complete, and all will truly in your consciousness be NOW.

            I speak for my family of the Federation, and I welcome you to my energies. I serve the flame of Golden Light, and I am societal, in as much as I serve the governmental restrictions of your world to loosen and free your people in your name and your co-operation. I am at your service, and I am Gorgon. Good day.


Thank you dear Gorgon of the Galactic Federation,

Nancy Tate