Morning Wakeup Call Message
August 29, 2003



            Good morning, I am Galopo of the fifth flame of transmutation, and I am calling all of you fellow comrades of the fifth flame to my side for a very important mission. I am to be one of the emissaries of the truth of the hall of records, and I call to action the ones who have volunteered to be of service at this time.

            It is within my understanding this day that there will be a number of ones who will attempt to infiltrate the energies surrounding this hall of records, and that it is time now for the aforementioned soldiers of the light to come and act as sentries around this hall, and within the confines of the chambers within the hall.

            It is imperative that these ones come to my call, for it was with great intent of service that this be done when the situation arose. When you stepped up to the mission, you did so with the full knowledge that this was to be the undoing of the karma you had accumulated within the 3rd realm and that there would be an absolution of that karma for time immemorial.

            I will give this to you who are yet uncertain of this call and the aspects of it. When this was reviewed in the akashic records it was remembered in another time in the history of the planet, those who came to a deed that destroyed the apparatus of the chamber of records contents. This was a device that held and stored all the history of the planet since its birth. Within this chamber stood a device made entirely of gold and crystal, and it held the programming from the minds of those who lived the lives on this planet. This was accomplished through a technique that is not known today, but is in the minds of those who have reincarnated to this degree of evolvement. You are those who did the programming and who supervised the recording in those times. You are also the ones who contributed to the destruction of that chamber, and now you are in line for the bringing back and preservation of those records.

            We are telling you now, in this manner, because there is something within each and every person on this planet that will respond to this, if they should read these words. We realize that there will not be a full audience to this for that is not in the field of probability at this time. However, because of the fractures of souls that has taken place, there will be multiple ones who will pass on this information to the whole once the mission is in progress and then complete. In fact, once this transmission is seen and read, this will commence the knowing and recording in the memory banks of all on earth.

            I have one more thing to address this day. This is an etheric issue, and there is no need to bring anything to this mission but yourselves. There is a need only for your intent, and that may be sent out over the energy network, and the lifelines of the etheric will transmit that intent to the project. This will accomplish the deed, and the hall of records will be protected. This is on a level that is most important, and that will serve to begin to elevate that section of the akashic records to their level of ascension along with those souls who are represented in this project.

            I go now, and wish to thank each and every one of you who are involved, directly, or indirectly. Already in the beginning phases of this project, which were to make known the existence of the hall of records, there has been great attendance of the fifth ray to come and fulfill the promise that was agreed to those millennia ago.

            I salute you all, and wish you good day!


Thank you dear Galopo,

Nancy Tate