April 29, 2018               Click here for Printable


 Wake up Call: Nancy, April 29, 2018


Yesterday when I was in the shower before getting dressed for the day, I suddenly was aware of these words going through my head repeatedly, “March winds, April showers, bring forth May flowers.” It was over and over, for several minutes. Then as I was stepping out of the shower I asked myself, “Why are those words running through my head repeatedly, over and over again?” Then I felt the presence of Horus, and he was saying that there is a reason why; it is an answer for you. I felt a strong knowing, and then the reason came to me. It is that the March Winds were so strong every day that they were here to help to blow away all of the obstacles that have been in place for the release of the RV funds, etc. Then I knew that the April Showers stood for the tears that Bob and I and our friend, Raine have shed for Cassie’s passing. She was such a delight in our lives. Then I saw the May Flowers; they were the new puppy body of Cassie coming to us happy, fun loving, at peace and in Love. Also, I saw our new houses that we already know will be ours. I have seen in my inner vision the new puppy playing there in our new yard in a fun ‘giggly way’. 


Then as I began to get dressed, I realized that the skirt and t-shirt I had chosen to wear for the day was so in tune with what I had just realized, though when I chose to wear the top I had not thought of what it had on it. It was one of the t-shirts, created by the author, Dianne Robbins, whom Bob and I had met while on our tour with Zaraya and Quazar. They had given both Bob and I one of the t-shirts when we were in Oregon at the start of our tour with them; mine had the printing on it, Telos, Hollow Earth.


A few days ago our dear friends, Zaraya and Quazar had called us to express their sorrow to us of Cassie’s passing, and Zaraya’s father, Zorra, gave us some news. He told us that Cassie’s soul is in Hollow Earth being healed, etc, by beings there. He also told us that she will be back in the body of a pup. In thinking of that yesterday I knew that was further indicating that what I received after my shower from my inner self and Horus was true. When I shared this information with Bob and Raine, they too agreed with what I had felt.  By the way, today is the 4th year anniversary of the day that we had brought Cassie home to where we were living then in Hereford AZ.


When so many of these incidents of life come together in this way, then we have to know that it means something factual, as long as we continue to know that all is well, and all is in progress for what we desire and know will come to pass, when the situation is in harmony with all of life. Being in the Love energy through all of life is the strongest most energetic way to bring what we feel is to be our true gifts of life for always and ever. Cassie will be in a body that is in harmony with all of life. We will be in another place where we have harmonic surroundings for what we are destined to carry forth in expression of that which we Love to do. We feel it is wonderful to be able to follow what comes to us to do, when it comes in one of the ways that is undeniably in harmony with us, and all of life.


We thank you all for being who you are and for being a part of our life. As we all step forth in our lives, we find that this is a wonderful freedom that we bring into our lives when we listen to the inner voices and heart feelings that come to us through the journey of life. Mother Earth is a true place of being in that Love, in the expression of who we are.



Much Love to you all,

Nancy Tate