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Wake up Call: Nancy, April, 18, 2018


Update on Cassieís Passing


Yesterday afternoon Bob and I discovered that the drive-in gate to the alley was once again wide open. How could that be since Bob had locked it with a chain lock? It was the third or fourth time in the past 2 or 3 days since Cassie died, that we had discovered the gate wide open, after closing it and using some kind of ribbon with nylon string, or a bungee cord to lock it. We had always kept the gate closed so Cassie couldnít go out into the alley, just as we had kept the walk-in gate to the road closed with a good latch.


I went into the house to tell our friend, Raine about it, and what came to us in that moment was that it was Spiritís way of telling us that we donít need to keep the gate closed anymore. Also it was telling us that it was symbolic that we will be able to buy the homes that we have already found as our new homes once the funds come to us. We also got the message that Cassie, in her new body will come home to us by the time we move into our new homes, and it would be a happy, fun-loving new body. It went along with the vision I just had gotten of the new Cassie playing and having such a happy life in the huge yard of our new home. Bob then came into the house and we told him what we had felt so strongly. He said that he had just felt the same thing; that was why he came in, to share it with us.


Even though we have been going through the tears and loneliness of loosing what feels like our child, we know that she will be back with us in a new body. Itíll be one that she knew on a soul level would represent the freedom, love and happiness that will be her new way of living with us, and sharing the new homes and life that we will have. This realization came to us as to why she, on a soul level, chose the action of leaving her body, for she had come to the realization that she no longer had to experience her life in the aggressive way she sometimes did, being in the body of a red heeler, and having experienced what she went through before we brought her into our lives. She loved us so much and saw that she had to leave the old life behind and come back to us in the freedom of love, peace and joy that we all deserve.


I truly feel that this is an example of how we are all experiencing the changes that are coming, through the feelings and realizations that are coming from within to create our lives in the new ways of being in harmony with all of Creation. Letting the fear go, and welcoming the Love, peace and joy into our every moment is the new energy of Now and Forever.


Love to you all,

Nancy Tate