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I received an email from one of my list members with a question for me. I thank the dear one who asked me this, for it felt so wonderful to be able to bring Sananda's words forth. I also feel inspired to share them with others, so that is why I am sending out Sananda’s words with the introduction of the question.


Wake up Call: Sananda, April 21, 2017


Dear Nancy Tate: I receive/read your daily articles that come through the Golden Tree. I wanted to ask what proof you have that Jesus lived on earth? I became a Christian at 10 yrs. old by accepting Jesus as my Savior, and have lived a happy life by believing I was in contact with Him all my life: I am now, 84 yrs. old. I was sure I could not have made it nearly as blessed in my life as I have without praying to Jesus everyday.


Now I've read a couple of times that someone is promoting that the story of Jesus is just a story and that He is not real, so therefore, there will be no "Rapture". What is your thought on this? I would really appreciate hearing from you on this.


From Nancy: Jesus is truly for real and he is known on a soul level as Sananda. He was here on earth to serve a purpose and that purpose is still in the works. He is taking a much needed scenario of being quiet and in the shadows of reality. However he is taking that because he is going to be able to come out to the open and present himself in the truth of who he is, and why he has been here for all of humanity to recognize and serve the purpose he came for everyone.


As I write this I know that it is Sananda who is stirring the truth to the surface for me, and he is the bearer of the truth in everyone who knows him as who he really is. It is a matter of him being able to tell his truth of existence and share it with everyone who has believed in him as Jesus and as Sananda as well, for the Jesus that is so well known was here for his purpose, as all of humanity is.


Sananda speaks to you, "I believe in you dear one, and as you know that I have been with you throughout your life, so have I been here for everyone, as everyone has been here for everyone, as well as for me."


I thank you dear one and Sananda.


With Much Love,

Nancy Tate