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Nancy: Hatonn, I have just finished re-reading the message I received from you on Sept 14, 05, which can be seen on http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Archives/into_to_Declaration_independence.htm , and also ‘Our Declaration for Independence’, http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Archives/our_declaration_for_independence.htm  that were posted on the ‘tree’ in 2005. I would like to know the relevancy of that to today, and what, if any, the new Galactic Command Center has to do with what was written in that message, for I feel that there is a definite correlation.


Hatonn: My dear one, there is a time when all that was declared in that message will come to being and it has already begun to take root in various ways. The work that all of you in the Santa Fe area are doing on the Galactic Center project is a prime example. As you come together with your creations and agreements, working out any difficulties you may have, you are clearing the way for the mission to begin to formulate in a way that is tangible and will be evident to be in a progression of circumstances that will result in the centers being set into place energetically and then physically.


When I say physically I am referring to the crystalline reality of what you are all headed for. As you continue with the process of bringing it all together you are also allowing the crystalline energy to create the potential for the assignment of the various ones who are destined to become members of the councils that are as I speak coming into being.


Yes there is much taking place around the world in this manner. Even before you all came into harmony with bringing this first center into being, there were many around the country, 5 to be exact, as well as the branches that will come into being that are energetically being formed. These 5  main centers will house many peoples and evidences of the newness of the planet earth and its connection in this universe and beyond with all of existence.


There will be a time for all of you when you will find that you are drawn to various aspects of the center in the area in which you live. In the meantime be in peace and joy in your lives and know that it isn’t a matter of pushing the cart to its ultimate destination. It is a journey of love peace and enjoyment of the creativity and power that you all have to be able to live in harmony with each other and all of existence.


I leave this sharing with you now and do so in love and Light forevermore. I shall return!


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love Nancy Tate