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Hatonn & Altros


I am here today to let you know of something that is taking place in your world. There is a great deal of energy being put into a deed that is being completed in the interest of the many aspects of earth society. As the financial, social and educational factors of your society come to a place in which the people are having more voice, there is a rising independence that is being reclaimed with the people. It may not seem that way to many of you, however if you look under the calibrations of so many media sources and exponential news reports, you will see the truth of what is actually taking place come forward.


I am Hatonn, and I come this day to tune you in to the power that you are regaining and taking to the utmost places that are in the works with us. Yes, as you all take your steps in whatever ways you are doing, whether it be physically, through the internet, and other sources of communication, or through your inner intentions it is working. We are being given the signals by all of you to do what we can on our part to see to it that your free will is allowed top priority.


Yes, every time that any of you see the chemtrails, for instance, and ask or demand for us to help to clear them, we do so. Any time you ask for what is beyond your ability at this time to do physically, all you need do is express your desire and intent for us to assist you in your request and demands. That is the agreement that we all have together in this walk through time into no time. We are all in this together, and as you awaken to more of the promise that is in place, the more you are setting yourselves free.


I am now working with Altros on the mothership, Nexus, and we are seeing the results of what you are awakening to. We see the skies clearing much faster. We see the financial system going down into a heap of muddle from which the new one will arise and reflect your newfound freedom. We see the educations system reflecting the changes that represent the reality of what not only the new students on earth can learn that pertains to the new way of being, but also what they can contribute to that interchange with the teachers of the day.


We also see that there will be much more interaction with the people and the systems of governance that is even now in the process of evolving to a council of peers. These are not only representing the people but are being advised and are in agreement with all who have voice in the way of representing the freedom that is inherently part of the life that is coming to humanity.


We are seeing such a wondrous change, and we also realize that many of you donít see those changes yet, for they are mostly in the works behind closed curtains right now. We see also that it is a necessary way to do this at this time, in order to keep those who would seek for it all to go amiss from being able to interfere. What has taken millennia to be in place and so strong up till recently, is taking but a few years exponentially quickening to fall away and be replaced with the freedom, self-empowerment, joy and peacefulness that is inherent within all of you.


You are the mirrors of what you want for your life and when you look at yourselves and see the truth shine forth from your eyes, you will know that what I am telling you is of your doing. This new way of expression that is very soon to come into the limelight on earth is of your making, with the co-operation of your family throughout the universe. This is the power you have been tapping into, and it is now about to come into the way of life that you are destined for.


I leave this message now and relay to you a bit of info from Altros.


I am Altros, dear ones and when you look into the night sky and see the pyramid of lights know it is us on the Nexus. We are observing and communicating with all of you and we see that the news of the Galactic Command Centers that is being communicated is one of the representations that Hatonn has spoken of. With this being addressed it is in the works for these centers to come into being when the vibrations of earth and all life on and within her are equal to the vibrations of we galactic beings. It will be a grand reunion. Till then, we encourage you to not set yourself up for disappointment that the centers donít appear right away. Now is the time for all of you to bring your intent of these centers to come into being and to hold that energy in freedom and joy for the evolution of all life on earth and within to bring that, which is in resonance at the time. Live the moment and know that it is all grand and glorious in perfection. We are with you 100%, in Light and Love forevermore.


Thank you dear Hatonn and Altros,

Love, Nancy Tate