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Dear Ones,

I want to share with you something that happened today. There were four of us at breakfast in a nearby restaurant. Suddenly I happened to look out the window at a man who was coming into the place. He was extremely tall, and almost fell against the corner of the building as he rounded it to come in. His hair was flying in the breeze and he had a happy look on his face. As he came into the restaurant and sat down at the counter, we noticed that he must have been about 8í tall; his hair was blond and all askew, but in a good way.


There was something about him that intrigued us. In the next instant we all agreed at the same time that it must be a Telosian. We were talking about it for a minute or 2; I looked outside at nothing in particular and when I looked back he was gone. Nobody at the table saw him leave; he didnít come back. We asked the waitress about him, and she said that he has come in maybe a couple times in a couple months. One time he ate something, and another time he disappeared in a few seconds. That confirmed to us that we were visited. I received the info that it was Enlil. Then later at home one of us received the info that it was Adama. That concerned me because of what I had been told, so I asked what was going on. I was then told that Adama is an aspect evolvement of Enlil. We were told the fullness of it, because it is an example of what is in store for so many of us, in being able to recognize the fullness of our experience in existence.


Wake up Call: Horus April 24, 12



Nancy: Horus, in the past few days the issue of you assisting us, as compared to us assisting you has come up. It is a new idea for me and at first I didnít see how you could want or need our assistance in helping us. Can you explain some of what that means?


Horus: When someone takes the time to look into oneís soul and sees that there is a tremendous amount of sincerity there, then it is time to trust in oneself to the max. It is time to give yourself the benefit of knowing that you can be of assistance to many people, including those of us who live in the Inner Earth and in the Hollow Earth.


How would it be if we came to the surface now and began to intercede in your affairs? We have not lived your experiences, and therefore we do not have the inner knowing of what it means in actuality. We know the facts, we know what we see, however we are not the ones involved in the perspective that reflects the actual knowing of how it all affects you.


If we were to take the time to be on the surface and experience what you have been doing, then that would be a different story. For so long it has been thought that we can do anything for you because we are more advanced that you are. You have looked to us for guidance and in so doing you have allowed us to feel your energies in a certain way. However, that is not the same as living it. It is the origin of what is termed your 3D experience, and unless we are living it along side you on the surface, we cannot know fully what it is that you are in desire of, or what we can contribute to assist you in the deepest ways.


This is not to say that we cannot be of help. We can tell you what you can do to bring up your vibration, but we cannot fully give you the information of how to change the inner feeling and emotions that get stuck in your beingness. We can offer suggestions, but if they do not bring about the desired results, then we realize that it would be of help to us in our guidance to have more information through experience.


For instance, if you are trying to understand why you always have the same feelings of guilt come up in various ways, and you cannot get beyond it, it helps us to know some of the reasons that come to you for the guilt and more importantly some of the emotional responses that come to you. With that information, we can then go into the emotions and see what it is that can come for you to release the issues from your aura.


It is a complex thing at times. When you ask, ĎWhy donít they give us more help? Why donít they come up now and walk with us and help us to get beyond all this?í it is because we have not walked in your shoes. Though some of what you ask for we can provide, there are other things that it helps us to know and understand that can be of service. There is nothing more powerful than walking in oneís shoes to be more fully in the Oneness that we are all in. If you can supply us with the words and feelings as they come though you, then we can read them and understand more clearly.


There is another way that we can more clearly be of service through interaction with you, and that is for you to invite us to interact in a way that brings us together with you in your field and for us to feel your emotions and for you to feel the language of our love for you. We can be of more assistance to each other, therefore to the Oneness, if that can happen.


This is what was meant in our exchange recently about the suggestion that you may be starting to trance channel, though on a newer level. It is a matter of the channel sharing the vessel (your body) with one of us who wishes to be of assistance in some way. With this new way of channeling it is a blending of the two in the interest of experiencing the oneness on a whole new level. It can bring forth the experience that is created anew in the channeling and the sharing that would take place. It would reflect that there is no separation, and that there is a continual communication that is in the interest of all concerned.


Nancy: Thank you Horus. This is so very interesting and makes so much sense to me. I sense that this is only, in part, what you would like to relay through me. I feel that once we have more sharings, as we have had today, then we will be able to come to the ascension that is far beyond what it would have been in as far as what we can give to each other. I know that it will be a matter of having complete trust in the blending, and I do feel that. With the idea that came the other day from our dear friend who is visiting us, we have come to see that you and the others within the earth will benefit greatly from being able to communicate with us, as we will from you. That is what it is all about. Our Oneness isnít just a word; it is a way of being. I Love it!


Horus: That it is dear one, we are going to be going forward at a much more profound rate, all of us. We shall come together again, and it will be grand, as it has been today. Blessings to you all!


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate