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Horus, Adama & Others


We are here today to talk of what is taking place in readiness for our visit. When I say we, I speak of Adama and myself, along with the others who will be coming to the surface to meet with those who have agreed to host us. It is a time for many changes on the surface, and in the process there may be much chaos for a few days. In this chaos will be seen many satisfactory results that will come about.


As this process takes shape, and the ones who are going to benefit the most come to that realization, the chaos will recede and go away, to be replaced by a feeling of peacefulness and contentment. It will then spread about and become a powerful movement that will ease into the lives of all on earth.


It is a time for rejoicing, for with these changes come the shreds of leftover memories that have been keeping all of the stuff that has permeated the souls of the ones on earth and kept them from realizing their fullness of power. In this coming age you will all find that the more you release, the more you will see and feel that newness that will be most welcome. You will know what treasures you hold for yourselves. You will then begin to work in the knowledge, and the results will be evident to those who are not awake.


This will result in a spark of truth that awakens them, and as this escalades the whole of humanity will awaken and begin their dance of joy and harmony. It will bring about a lasting and marvelous era of peace and powerful work in the energy of rebuilding with us what they have allowed to fall into crumble and loss. It will all be regained and then go beyond that to a whole new creation of love and Light.


When this comes about we will be here to work with you and to celebrate with you. We will help to stimulate the feelings of purpose that have been so stifled through the fear laden ages in which you have been trodden on for so long. That is now over, dear ones, and the road to security and abundance is upon you. You are no longer being told lies that you believe. As more and more of the truth comes into the open, you will all know what it is that you will do to right the wrongs that you have accepted. It will be matter of you knowing what has been in place and then allowing it all to fall away on the tails of the leaving of the fear and all that encircled it.


As we come and make ourselves known to you, donít be surprised if we bear a resemblance to you, for you have known us before, we have walked with you in times past, and also in your recent dreams of the times to come. We are all family and as we come to your doors and meet with you in the places of comfort and fun that you choose, we will have a reunion that will rise and encompass all of the world you live in. We will carry a torch of truth throughout the land. All who see us will follow in their truth as it becomes apparent to them.


Listen to the songs of love that will be sung in the coming times. Hear the words of truth that ring through the land. There will be loads of instances in which you will be able to come to the agreement for harmony in everything that you do. You will find that you will welcome your brothers and sisters from other lands and you will embrace them for what they share with you. You will in turn share what you have to offer in bounty of the earth and your hands and heart.


It will be a global reawakening and rebuilding that will take place, and as it goes into the newness that touches the sparks of truth and knowing that springs forth in creativity, you will open up more and more. The top will come off the pot and infinity will be the way of life for all of you. You will all know that you can find no end to what you can do. That is what you bring to yourselves in these coming times. Revel in it and celebrate this new way of life with us, for we have been awaiting this treasure for a long time, just as you have, on a soul level, known that it is coming forth.


We go now and sit back for a spell to watch and enjoy your progress into the new way of being. We sip from your cup of gold and we extend the cup out to that point where you know the end is here of the tyranny that has long been in place. You are free now, and the debris is being cleared away. Blessings to you! It is a time for celebration and the arrival of a whole new rebirth of your golden years of infinity.


Thank you dear Horus, Adama and friends,

Love, Nancy Tate