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Brotherhood Part-2


Nancy: Dear Brotherhood of the Cross of Harmonic Freedom,


I am curious about you, who you are and why you have come into my awareness. Please explain about yourself and your part in this period of our ascension process.


Brotherhood: We are one energetic being in purpose and love for all of mankind on planet earth, as well as for all life in the universe. We come in completion of the gathering of many beings who reined on Maldek and who were taken aboard the ships after the destruction of that planet. We began our journey to Oneness as we took leave of the area of the universe in which we held a magnetic draw to the experiences we had there.


As we departed that area of the universe we took many precautions to not take with us the idea of our identity being only in that place and intoned with that experience, for with that experience we took many liberties to withstand the un-coming devastation that befell all of that planet.


As we traveled through the reaches of the universe, we touched down on many planets throughout the universe and tied in with the various energies that had been represented on Maldek. We took liberties once more to gather to us the inherited energies that we came into being with, and took them into a place within that was destined to become one with the other.


As this happened it was a residual pattern that was being woven and in this we found that there was much that was seen to be a contributing factor of energy that led to the destruction of Maldek, through the inability of the people there to be able to access their own inner strengths and to rely on them to pull them through that experience in a way that gave them the upper hand.


As we saw what was being played out, we found that there was a missing factor in the equation. This missing factor was the ability to see what could become of them in the face of the destruction of the planet they resided on. There was a decided belief in the largest percentage of them that no evil could come to them that would be so powerful as to override their ability to survive, no matter what. This came from their inner knowledge that they are immortal beings, and that they would always exist. What they felt, and how they interpreted this was that their physicalness was who they were and that it was in oneness with their Soul and Spirit. In this perspective, they went to their deeply known truth that they are immortal and that they would always exist.


This came as such a shock to them that when they saw that their bodies were not part of their true beingness, they then lost their connection on the deepest level with the Source. That is why they had to be rescued by the ones from whom they had migrated to Maldek in the first place. They then were brought back to a state of being where they would be able to go to earth and take the experience to another level, one that had the fullness of their existence to give them the perspective that was more fully lived and expressed in their time on earth.


We are those who gathered them all together in a solid feeling body that was in reality the oneness of Truth, along with the various levels downward to the expression of who they were when they came to earth to begin their descent into duality.


We are originally from the energy of the Mushaba Force, and as we come into this plane of love and beauty with all of you on earth, we stand in place to allow you to see what it is that you left behind that is so dear to you and so true in itís recognition of who you are in the eyes of The Creator through all that you have experienced. We call ourselves the Brotherhood, rather than the Sisterhood because that is the energy in which you came into the experience. That is the energetic blueprint that created us as we are now and we stand ready with you to be reunited with the other part of us that is the feminine energy. In that way we will be relegated to our Oneness along with you in the entirety that is the destiny of us all. That feminine energy has been treasured, and held in readiness for all of us by our dear Gaia, Mother Earth. She is the gatekeeper of that feminine energy with which we will experience our Oneness once more.


We stand in readiness with you to take the last rungs of the ladder together, for we are you and we are ready for you to serve us in your ascent into the Truth of who you are. We are one, and we see all of us in the Freedom that is our destiny. Realize it is already with you, for we are here now to walk, dance, sing with you to the ultimate Truth of who We All Are.


Dearest Beloveds, welcome Home. You are so close we can see the Light in the Window of Welcome for all Time.


Thank you dear Brotherhood,

Love, Nancy Tate