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Brotherhood of the Cross of Harmonic Freedom,


There comes a time in everyone’s life when the changes that are taking place everywhere envelope the very body that you walk in. These changes reflect the changes that are happening throughout the universe, and as they come, they take their passages through all of life.


Those passages come to fruition in many ways. It depends on the particular cellular structure and memory and the other variances of life that come to be in the evolution of the species. With the human there is much taking place now that is bringing a feeling of topsy-turvyness to many.


As this takes place it brings about many emotional as well as physical aspects to the lives that are felt to be already in disarray on a worldwide perspective. Now the worldwide perspective is being shown to be that oneness within the body of many people and animals, especially for the people. Some feel their bodies are being tossed in and out, up and down in whirls of non understanding bringing moments of confusion.


This is a conditioning that is taking place to meld and bring into harmony the physicalness with the soul and Spirit. As this comes about it brings much upheaval to the person’s body and life in many ways; from what to eat, decisions made about lifestyle and what worked before that does not work anymore. It is a time for many changes and it all begins at home. There you will find a road to peace and wellness in your heart and body as long as you take the road most enlivening for you.


How do you find this enlivening, you wonder, when it is so unsettling in your life? You take the moment and ask what is the best way to live it. You listen then with your heart and when it says to do this or that, you do it. Follow the inner guidance as it comes in the moment, for that is where the truth of your peace of mind lies. As you do this you will find your moments expanding to minutes, hours, even days and you will begin to live and know what it means to be in the moment in a harmonious way. You will see that being in the moment does not necessarily mean to change your direction with every other thought, but to incorporate the momentous decision into the next step and the next until it no longer fits and agrees with what you heart is saying.


As for how this is all affecting your physicalness, many of you are being faced with illnesses, disturbances in your bodies. As they flow through your life they bring with them confusion, and the need to change your diets, your ways of thinking of what suits you, and how to find the ways to adjust to the body changes that are taking place in your lives. This can be unsettling for many of you, for it upsets the old accustomed way of knowing what your body does well with. It can mean that now you cannot eat certain things, or cannot have then at the same times of day as worked for you before. This can be a challenge for you to be able to accept and to even welcome the changes. However, you can do so because you know that it is all leading up to the brand now you who is headed for a harmonious way of being with all of life.


You can do it! It is a matter of being in tune as well with all of earth life. Mother Earth is going through her changes too, and as she does she experiences many unsettling experiences. She knows however that this must happen in order for her to achieve the pristine state that she is destined for. She knows that even as the tears form in her eyes and heart she is bound for a state of ecstasy, peace and inner love that will resound throughout the universe forevermore, as so will you.


We are all here for you. We are assisting you to your destined liberation from the ties that bind. We are the Brotherhood of the Cross of Harmonic Freedom and we sing and dance along with you as you ride the waves of change in these days of evolutionary progress to your destined freedom. You will find that after each roll-through of change that you meet with love and allowance you will come forth with the best way of being that you could have imagined.


After each step on the ladder to freedom you will find a rest period in which you will be able to assimilate the new you and feel the familiarity with which you will resonate. Then when the next step is ascended you will once again feel a new you. Each step will be successively easier and short lived, until the steps are accessed as a floating breeze that takes you to the final rung, and then on into the freedom of ecstasy for which you are bound right now.


We encourage you to take the journey with all of the love you can muster for the moment. Know that there is every reason to love yourself and to excuse the feelings of self-doubt and non-forgiveness for what you are going through. Realize that this is but a momentary whisper in the song that you are singing that will end with the purest, melodic tone that you have ever sung. Know that, as every turnaround in your life takes place from this moment on. Know that you will be assisted to every step in this ladder to the heavens and on into complete freedom forevermore.


The bridge to Love is yours to traverse, and we are right here alongside you. Come sing with us, and the next thing you know we will all dance through the heavens forevermore together as One.


Thank you dear Brotherhood,

Love, Nancy Tate