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Nancy: I have been feeling lately like I am not able to make this transition period in the way that I need or want to. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and often do not want to engage in talk of a metaphysical nature. I just want to speak of and live things of the ordinary and familiar. I want to just live my life with the most fun and pleasure as I can.


At the same time I have been feeling like I have abandoned my purpose of being here in this lifetime and that I am not going to have an easy time of these changes that are ahead of us. I want to just leave the planet at times; then the feeling passes almost as soon as it arrives. I know then that I really do want to remain and that it is going to be better than I could know right now.


So I continue doing what I feel to do and I allow myself to give in to the light and let it guide me to peace of mind. I also finally ask to be helped with this, to be given answers, and to feel the presence of the beautiful beings whom I know are all around me. I ask to be given clarity on many issues that have come my way, and I know it will come in the way that is most effective for me.


I know, for I am told, that there are so many people out there who are going through the same things; so today as I sat at my computer, I felt the urge to begin receiving this message that follows for all of us to take into our hearts and know that we are loved and helped along the way.


Spirit: There is something that you need to know and it is that you and all whom you love, which is all of mankind, are going to be fine. You are undergoing the changes within right now, and that is why you are feeling as you are. You need not fear these changes and what is taking place in your world because there is coming a very enlightened way of being and it will not be a problem for you to be able to adjust to.


The adjustment period is taking place right now, and as you go through it you will be consoled and assisted to the other side of it, the side that will feel as at home with it as you have felt with the old way, and even more so. It will be so natural for you that as you enter into the new era you will feel like you never left it, you will be that familiar with it.


Realize though that the familiarity will be a new way of being. It will be as something new and sparkling at all times and it will ease you into the new way of being as a glove on your hand that is neither binding nor limiting. It will be as that glove is made of pure beautiful light that changes and becomes the essence of what you are living and feeling in the moment. It will be the best you have ever been, for with the new you will come the understanding of why you went through this whole metamorphosis and why you were so lost in the first place.


You will never feel that feeling of being lost again, for once the specific feelings that you are having right now are gone, they will never return. You will only experience more of the old duality feelings as they flush and flow out of your beingness, to be replaced with the promise that is with you right now of being in completeness of the lightbeing that you are.


There is one more thing that I will tell you now and it is that this period in which you are morphing out the old is to be very short-lived and will be over before you can whisper “enough” and feel that it is not heard. The whispers that you resound to us are heard, and when they come we respond with so much love and light that you soon whiz right by the whisper and sing from your heart of the understanding and peace that it brings you.


You do know that there is little left that need be done now to turn things around, for the circle is close to being complete. When it is, then you will know thoroughly why, and why not all of the questions have come and what they represent. You will have all of the answers and they will be the essence of how you live in the glory that you truly are.


Remember that as you go through the next few experiences that are coming and know that the light at the end of this period is shining brighter with every breath you take, for it is your light that shines forth into victory and love for the new You.


Thank you dear Spirit,

Love, Nancy Tate