April 16, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish


Mushaba Council


This is a time to remember dear ones. This is a time to cherish, for this is the time in which you all make history in the celestial realms. It is a time for celebration, for with the joy comes the peace of mind that you can keep throughout what is going to happen in the next months. With no doubt you are saying, “But I have heard of chaos coming, of disaster and hard times.” You are saying, “But what about the earthquakes that have already come and the ones to follow? Are we not to be sad for those who suffer and for those who leave the planet?”


What we say to that dear ones is that it is all in order. It is all according to the plans of every soul on this planet. It is all in the energy of cleansing and restoring our dear Gaia to her rightful stance and for all of you to honor and send her love as she undergoes the changes that she must endure. We encourage you; we understand; shed your tears, wash away the sorrow and allow the joy expression, for when you do, you join those who returned home, who have found their chair in heaven and are encouraging you, and sending you all love. They are awaiting their return to be among all of you who will be celebrating the final curtain.


You are part of dear Gaia. You are all undergoing the times of change and the upheavals of varying degree and nature in your lives. This is all as you have ordered it dear ones, for you have seen the other side of this time, and you glory in the pristine beauty and the tremendous amount of joy that is represented from what you endure now. It is a vision that you all hold steady in your hearts and souls, and as you do it is held steadfast in the solar system, the galaxy and the universe as it too undergoes all its changes collectively through all the aspects of this Universal order.


What brought all this about, you wonder? Why did this all have to be? Why did we volunteer to go through all of this madness and discontent? What was wrong with us that we would undergo such a journey that has brought us through such turmoil and separation from who we really are and from whence we came?


Good questions, dear ones, and you have the answers, every single one of you. You have the questions, and you have the answers, because you stood in council with all of the Light beings as the die was cast and the decision to take this tremendous journey was brought into being. It was found to be something that resonated in each and every field of the ones who volunteered to come to earth and finish what had been started. It was to be the final journey in a string of journeys that took you all from the original seed, to the place where you took the idea of separation from the Oneness to the extremes and were still be able to remain in the light and return from whence you came. You chose to do this without having to begin anew as an original spark of Light born from The Source and created in the Light of expression.


Yes, my dear ones. You have come from the original in order to take another step into the realms of expression. You first saw that you had to set the ground for the beginning and the end while still in body, and then to be able to take that body and render it Light, then continue on with it in whatever form, shape, color, frequency expression that you desired and intended in the moment. You have been able to see that this is possible. It is not only possible, it is proven, and you have gone beyond the question of whether, or not it is possible.


You have done it, and now is the wrapping up of the final stages that prepare you for the new journey into the total expression of your connection with and in harmony with the Source, the ultimate Creator from which you have gained such wisdom, and knowledge. You are grand students and in so doing you have become the teachers as well. You are marching down the road of discovery with your heads high and your soul and spirit intact. It doesn’t matter who you are, or the roles you have played in this glorious last curtain call of the final stage of the play. You have created in the original energy from which you have sprouted your wings of glory and flown into the new beyond.


We welcome you back to our energies and our extended family of Light and Love, and we anoint you in the highest way that can be expressed with the original Energy of the Creator and the seed from which you sprouted and spread forth your beauty. We have been with you since before time began, since before this the second universe was created and we are with you now, for always and forever; in peace, joy, love and the expression of the Source within all of you. Welcome back! We are honored and most delighted with your return. We are the Mushaba Council.


Thank you Dear Mushaba Council,

Love, Nancy Tate