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My dear ones of the earth, I am coming to you this day from a place some of you know of and some of you will be hearing of for the first time. This place is the planet Mushaba in the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. I am the Mushaba being called Herkanon, and I am one of the guidance beings who have been watching over your earth since its beginnings as a restructured planet of the Milky Way and an adventurer of the galactic assemblage of planets.


Your present home, earth, was created from the planet first known as Tiamat and it was brought into the orbit it is now in by the forces of celestial creation and destined intention. As this orbit was finalized and brought into harmony with the rest of the solar system, it began itís evolution from a part of the planet Tiamat, to the planet you now know as earth, and some call Mother Gaia.


The other part of Tiamat was also evolved into a habitated planet known as Maldek and as its evolution carried on it was destroyed, and its battered pieces became what you know of as the celestial belt. I give you these basic facts now because though some of you have read of them from various sources, some of you may be reading of them for the first time.


I do this because of what it is that I am about to share with you at this time. We on the planet Mushaba are the bearers of the original black spectrum of light and because of that we brought the first beings of the black light to planet earth in the beginnings stages of its evolutionary journey. We did so in order for its destined journey to be realized and to involve the whole of the color spectrum to materialize into beings and then density humans on the planet.


First there had to be the beings, who carried the black spectrum of Light across the planet from its originating position on the landmass that in part is now the continent Africa. At the time the landmasses were very few because earth was originally a water planet, and in itís evolution it eventually garnered landmass as the gravitational pull in correspondence with the rest of the system brought into creation its own relativity on earth as it was in the rest of the system.


The color spectrum is represented all through the universe in the various galaxies and they all derived from the original black and varied through the spectrum separating in expression the colors that you identify with in your color spectrum. Each color was expressed throughout the universe as being, galaxies, systems, planets and beings. This is an example of the holographic nature of the universe.


As this example came to take form and shape on earth it carried with it the potential for any and all expression of the colors, which each had its own frequency of identity. Each frequency brought with it the potential for the expression of what was to be the evolution of earth and her inhabitants, from the very first one-celled life forms to the multi faceted life forms that you know of as life on planet earth.


This was all in potential for earth. This was all established as the way it would be for all life on earth. The details would come as was expressed in the moment. All of life would morph, and evolve according to the moment, as has been seen and realized to be throughout the evolutionary journey on earth.


Allow me to express to you now so that you can see the bigger picture of what has been taking place on your planet, and how it began in principle and in fact. There has always been this potential for what is taking place on earth today. There have also been other potentials, and what has determined the outcome and present living of your reality has been the most prevalent involvement of the majority of earthbeings. What is seen to be true of earth life by the majority is what is being experienced by all on planet earth.


This brings me to the next phase of your life on planet earth. In the next months, for you are at that stage of earthís evolution now, in the next months you will see a quickening of the changes that take place within earth and within each of you. You will find that there are times when you donít know if you are going crazy or if the rest of the world is and you are all alone in your sanity. You will look around you and find that there is so much going on that doesnít resonate with you and that at the same time seems oddly foreign and not really happening, like you are not part of it.


That, my dear ones is when you will be choosing another reality. You will find that as you do, the differences will morph into what you consider a new way of seeing and being. You will find that in the one moment you are feeling that things could fall apart around you, and in the next you will feel an immense sense of calm and peace that will steer you to a place within that can see no chaos and no reason to fear anything.


This, my dear ones is an evolutionary jump you will be making into the next earth world. It is the bearer of the glad tidings for all of humanity. Those who are giving themselves glimpses of this new world are the ones who are creating it anew. You are the ones who are seeing what it can be and what it is at the same time. You are holding the light for this new world in which you will bring forth all of the love that you can muster and laying it to rest in the knowledge that you do not have to work for what you want. All you need do is to see what you want in your mindís eye and heart and then it will Be. You have been told this countless times until some of you have said after hearing it over and over again, ďOh yes? When will that be; when the cows come home?Ē


I am here to tell you that the cows have come home. They are here to greet you and they are making your bed out of the light of the peace that reigns over all. You are waking into a new world that is filled with joy and peace and love. All you need do is focus on that truth and know that as the last traces of the old earth experience work themselves out and fade away you are getting closer and closer to living for all time the beauty and peace of your new world.


Dear ones this new world is expansive eternally. It holds great promise for you in the times to come. It is a place where there are no bounds, no exposure to fear laden events, nothing but love and calm that is created through your abilities as the creators of anything that you desire and intend for your eternal lives. The way to bring this to you is to stay above the events that are coming and to know that there is nothing that is not for the benefit of all who live on earth and in the universe. This is a promise that all of us on planet Mushaba and in the rest of the universe bring to you.


We are all standing at attention as you undergo the last throes of the duality that you have experienced for the rest of the universe to applaud, and we now hold all of the universal candles for all of you as you take your first steps back into our arms and slide into home base amidst the applaud of the ones who await your return to yourselves. Keep the calm, and face the events as a spectator and see within the treasure that is yours to claim.


Thank you dear Herkanon,

Love, Nancy Tate