April 25, 2010              


Galactic Federation

There is coming a time very soon when you will all have the ability to find what it is that you want in your everyday lives. When this comes you will be able to go on from there and create in your lives that kind of things that no one on earth can create at this time.

The kind of things we speak about are the kinds that you hear about as having happened only in the outer layers of the cosmos by all of those beings who are now watching over you and feeling the wondrous perseverance that you all have right now to be able to withstand all that is taking place on your homeland and what is yet to come.

You see, dear ones, we see into the future of your lives in the next few months and we see that you are going to be faced with some events that you will rise up from, and will rally round together and build a new earth from. These events are seismically necessary and as they wend their way over and through the earth, you will be able to see within yourselves the part that you will play in holding the earth in your arms and hearts, and in seeing the ones who choose to depart from this life as being the ones who will usher in the new beginnings of your life on planet earth.

It is a wondrous time in your evolution, and as the days, months and years go by you will see what you have been able to do to make this time of transition less aggressive and more in line with who you truly are. You will see what you are capable of doing on all levels of your being. Stand firm and tall and know that as you do, you do so with the full knowledge, on a level that understands it all, that it is all coming together now.

We leave you with this blessing: There is nothing more beautiful and grand than to hold your hand in this time of mighty times.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we bless you all.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate