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Hi Dear ones,

Today one of the readers of the Wake up Calls emailed me with concern for the use of the words dear ones in yesterday's message. The concern was expressed in part with these words: I am not sure why but I never feel comfortable with this greeting "dear ones". I felt inspired to respond, though I knew not what I would say. As I began to type I knew that someone was speaking through me. What came was a wonderful message for us all. I could feel a deep connection with the Being who identified himself to me As Aristotle; he was truly loving and kind. I hope this message below will help anyone who may have the same concern as the reader did to feel better about the words, dear ones.

From Aristotle:

The words dear ones began back in ancient times when the prophets began to see what was to come and heard from their Sources the words that would be key in the deliverance of the information that would show us all how to be in the times of deliverance and to know that we are as blessed as we have ever been and to seek the guidance that is there for us all.

As the words, dear ones, are expressed they set up a resonance that opens up the reminder of that which is key to the deliverance of the information for the moment. There is a frequency that matches that of the key and with that frequency there is an unveiling of that which is hidden from our consciousness. It is a valued greeting, and one that is instrumental in bringing forth the inspiration that has been coded into the superconcsious of all of us.

The reason that some people may find a resistance to it is because in some lifetimes some people have used the words, dear ones, in ways that brought about the deception that was designed to subvert that which was being presented. This is why you and some others have a feeling that there must be a better way for the lightbeings to address us all. To some there is an air of deception to those words, and as soon as this is realized to be what is taking place, then there will be a clarity as to the real intent of the words, and the opening will be complete.

You are dearly beloved dear one, and with this message to you I take my leave and I see you in great honor. I am Aristotle, and I am blessed by your presence.

Thank you dear Aristotle,

Love, Nancy Tate