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How sweet the day when you find a flower in bloom within your heart! How glorious the morn when the sun peeks over the mantle of daylight and welcomes you to its warmth! How sweet the day when the moonlight casts its light upon a day of a trillion blessings that round out the possibility of heaven! How sweet the day when you cry out in your dreams of the perfection of life everlasting!


I Am Sananda, and on this day I find the sweetness of all of you, for I see the love that radiates forth from your realization of who you are. As you gaze into the mirror stopping in your brushstroke through your silken hair, see what I see, for it is golden and it is genuine. See the light that brightens up the room, and the shadows that shine forth to greet the light that opens them to the day. See the radiance of everyone who comes your way as you greet the day with your presence.


There is no untoward presence out there, except that which you perceive. There is only the light that assigns itself to any circumstance that you choose to experience. Bring the truth of that light to what you perceive to be Ďless thaní, and you will see and feel the truth of that moment. There is only you and that moment in your life, and you can make it look and feel anyway that you want to, no matter what the person next to you, or across the globe, feels and sees it to be.


You do have that capacity, my dear sweet ones. You have the ability to shine forth in the example of that truth. You can change the world with every breath you take, and as you go about creating every moment in that truth, you create a world that resonates with you every moment of your life. It is as you see it and feel it, and as soon as you allow anotherís vision and emotion to overcrowd yours you may find that your moment has changed and it no longer represents that of your truth.


I tell you this simple fact of the Law of the Universe, for you are creating your world in the image of the many. You do that every moment and every day. You do that because you live in a society that intermingles, one with the other. This is neither good nor bad, it is what is in your world vision. I am here to tell you that in your world vision you can create that which is representative of the many when you share your visions and accommodate the ideas of the many to suit what you inherently know to be representative of that which feels in balance and in resonance with you.


You do not have to suffer the inequities of otherís ideas. You can live according to what you know is your world, what you choose to be the world that you intend for your life. You can do it with the allowance of that which speaks to you of the parts of that world that create the diversity of that which represents your world. It is all a matter of choice and that, which brings about a state of acceptance and one that feels as part of the singing and the peace in your heart.


There once was a man long ago in your history who wept at the thought of living a life as he would choose it to be. He was overwhelmed with the idea that he could satisfy his vision of perfection on earth. With this weeping he came forth in his world and looked around. Through the tears he saw a vision that made him stop and think about that which had brought the tears, for he recognized that his tears were generated from the thought that it could not in his wildest imagination be as he had envisioned it to be.


As he gazed into the vision through his tears he saw himself rise and walk forward into a tunnel of light. He saw this tunnel of light expand and become full of all the colors of the rainbow. He walked into this perfection of vision and as he did he began to see the colors expand into forms and shapes. These forms and shapes took on a life of their own, and in that life the forms began to move and to sing forth their own particular tone of being. In the chorus that was all around him and within him, he heard his name being called out by each of the forms. As he swirled about to answer each of the voices he saw that each form was him; each face represented another personality of his.


This took him to another place in his heart and in that place he felt the stirring of the joy that this knowledge of his vastness represented in the scope of the perfection that was possible for him. He saw that with every face calling his name he had many choices for how to live his life and to realize that each way was in perfection, for it was his choice after all.


This bought him to a place in the tunnel that opened wide and invited him to a place that was at once familiar and yet unfamiliar. He entered this serene place with trees and flowers all around. The greenery was incredible in its lushness, the colors in the flowers was exquisite. He sat upon a rock that leveled out and invited his rest. As the animals and the wildlife in this garden greeted him, he saw the beauty in all of them. He saw their forms take on a glow that brought tears back to his eyes. Looking at this scene through these new tears he saw something else. He saw what he had seen before through his tears of despair at what could not be. This time though he knew it was, he knew that as surely as he wanted this to be his reality it was, and he knew it was always there for him to see and experience.


He also knew that it was not so different from what he had experienced before. He saw that he could bring this perfection into his everyday world and that it would take precedence over all else that was not to his liking. He knew that even as the mud was smearing all around him he could see the beauty of the flowers and the trees, he could feel as one with all that was alive and envigorating. He could live in a cesspool of despair and walk around seeing it as garden of love and joy. He knew not the specifics of how he could do this, he knew only that it was so.


My dear ones, I tell you this. If only in one moment in your day you find the truth of what I have presented to you, then you have found the truth that lives within. How many times have you kissed a childís cheek and wiped away the tears of pain and loneliness? How often have you sung a song to clear away the tears of sorrow that threatened to drown the love that lives in your heart? You have the formula within you to see your world as perfect, no matter how others see it. You also have the power to walk through that image of perfection in any moment that you choose.


Take this knowledge into your next movement and experience what it brings you. There is no greater clarity than that expressed in truth and the love of the inner knowledge of who you are and what you are capable of. Live that truth and see it expand into every expression of your life. Know it! Live it! You are It.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate