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Response to April 5 Wake up Call

Hello Nancy,


You both look like very kind souls, and your reaching out to help people that are starving or thirsting is admirable and blessed.  I wish that there were more people like you in this world.  Maybe then, we would not have immigration problems, as people in their own countries would take care of their own.  However, this is not the case.  On both sides of the fence, both the US and Mexico are not taking care of their own.  We can't bear to shoulder another country’s burdens when we ourselves are without many comforts as our neighbors in the South.


I have worked all over in the United States and the WORST is anywhere where there is an over population of Latinos.  Maybe, you are sequestered from this in a quaint little town as you have described.  I suggest you become employed in some Latino saturated big cities such as Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, etc.  This is where my sympathy stops.  They refuse to learn our language, they expect you to cater to them; they don't care about common decency, courteousness or in a lot of cases human ethic.


There are multiple gangs festering and growing larger every second.  They, because of their survival "mind set" will con, steal, lie and cheat their way in and out of every situation you can possibly think of, not to say a lot of other races don't, but we already have ENOUGH, we don't need more.  They drain our health care system (I have had no insurance for 20 years), they don't pay taxes on their incomes, they trash our neighborhoods (like we don't have enough of that already) and they are causing a lot of animosity in restaurants nationwide as American kids struggle with not being able to get jobs as busboys or dishwashers and the servers can't get the "Mexicans" to do anything because of not being able to speak the language.


I have lived in Mexico, Venezuela and the Caribbean.  I have not ONCE been able to continue to speak English and get anywhere fast. Instead I learned Spanish.  Immigration advocates push for bilingual nation......I am of Polish decent.....therefore I would like my language to become the secondary language.  What about all the other nationalities that walk through the doors of Home Depot or Lowes and are faced with signs in Spanish!   What about the rest of us in AMERICA???? 


If our language or heritage no longer matters, why don't we just hand over the US to Mexico and let them run this place.  Then all of the people who support illegal immigration will then recognize that Mexico and its government is not a fun place and that it needs A LOT of reform. We are not miracle workers for other countries peoples in the US.  We have A LOT of problems here we can't fix.  A LOT of us are not living in abundance and we certainly can't afford to eke out room for more to hop on board an already sinking ship.


Please, if you have any humanity left towards the rest of your countrymen, exercise your right to tell these people to go back and fix their own government.  Don't come here and live off the fat of our own hard earned money and what little is left of U.S. benefits.  Walls are needed right now Nancy for our own good.  Just like for a baby's own good, it stays in a crib, enclosed until it is grown enough to maneuver on it's own.


Thank you,

Nancy S


Response from Nancy Tate,


Do you see how, Nancy, you are so right, and yet so am I, and so are all of those who have written me in response to my letter (see below)? I am only one and yet I am all of us. You are only one and yet you are all of us. Doesn’t that speak so in our names? You and I are both Nancy, and we speak the same language. We speak of the desolation of love in the whole world. We speak of the desolation of the people of Mexico, and of America. We speak of the unitedness of our despair and our unity.


Why is it that some of those who come across the manmade borders see only the enemy? Why is it that we see our present and future security taken away by those who see their future in our present day lives? There is an imbalance here that sanctifies the issues that are at hand. When we are able to see the whole picture and feel the anguish of everyone involved, then perhaps we can stand up against the establishment that is pitting one beautiful species against another.


We are born in equality. We are loved from birth for who we are. Someone out there in this world loves us completely and thoroughly as we come into this life and begin to follow our destiny. Why is it that we are given such a challenge in life? Is it because we are unworthy of the love that is there for us to claim, or is it because we are told that we are unworthy? Is that our challenge to prove that we are worthy as much as anyone else is?


There is no sacrifice that we are told we must make, only by those who are unwilling to give to us that which we value the most, our freedom. Why must we see the division that is plaguing the whole planet and allow it to go on as it is? There is only one answer that I can see for this, and it is to invite into our homes and lives these people who turn an ugly profile to us and then turn their heads to hide the tears in their eyes.


We cannot as a planet of beings go on this way any longer. We have to disregard what we feel we must struggle to gain, and know that the struggle has to be over. It can only be over when we see our neighbors as ourselves and invite them to our table for the last supper in this life of scarcity and lack. There is no other way to do this than to see them who take our means as our neighbor, and then go join them at their table and tell them that we understand and that we don’t want to take from them, but we want to join with them and create a world that sees no difference in each other, only the wonder of the diversity of each individual expression of our life here on planet earth.


This is the time of coming together and turning the other cheek to show the love that is there up front and personal; for all time, through all weather, and in all circumstances. We had the perfect teacher, and in us reigns the same image. Bring it forth now and let it shine forth for all to see. We are One and nothing can change that, ever.


Others Responses to Wake up Call of April 5:


Nancy, This is the moment to speak and demonstrate our truth with reverence for all life. It starts in our hearts and spreads from one to one until there is a critical mass and the wakeup is complete and we see, There is only One.


I also lived in a small town near the Mexican border. You could walk everywhere and get friendly nods of recognition from everyone. Merchants and librarians knew your face and usually your name. I never locked my doors or windows and walked with my kids to and from the beach and all around the area. We never felt threatened or fearful. The only attempted breakin we witnessed was from a doped & drunken caucasian sailor off one of the ships.


I have lived and stayed in homes in 3rd world countries and found the people to be genuine and concerned about the same things we are: work, shelter, family, comradeship, with respect for what the land brings in bounty when tilled with appreciation.


The Golden Rule does apply. Kindness is always appropriate.

Thanks for speaking your truth in such a clear manner.





Nancy, thank you for your loving writing about the people that seek to come into the U.S. over the borders. I agree and applaud your remarks. Of course, some people can do more than others can. They know who they are. I have enjoyed your channeled works.



How beautiful Nancy.   Good for you.   As a foreigner in this country I resonate so well with these words.  I, too, get very saddened when I see any TV news putting ANY human being down - we all belong on this beautiful Planet of ours, without borders, fences, passports and visas. Our time has come .... its so near now I can taste it. No longer will we ache for our dear brothers and sisters of all nations.  We are all ONE. God Bless




Thank you! I've been waiting for something like this and dreaming of writing one myself.



Dear Nancy,

I'm a new subscriber in that I've been reading your site, as well as Mike's, for about 4 months now. ...........  I've looked forward to your postings each morning, but today's was a special treat.  I so agree with you, I just love the Mexican people and have felt the scowling faces behind my back as I treat them as my own family. 

Blessings and support,



Good morning Nancy

Do you remember some year ago another reason as dastardly was given for the border fence being built.. had to do with governments knowledge of what might happen - should poles shift and ice age return -read again just yesterday of the likelihood of this since the polar ice is melting even faster than wa predicted, much like Day After Tomorrow..

The fence would be to keep us out of the warmer climates down south.. at least the masses.. I am sure W and company have their strategy well thought out.. indeed it seems more and more viewing the devastation of New Orleans the loss of life that was preventable, and now the obvious planned extinction of lifes of Middle Eastern people that the plan is to rid the world of those who oppose them  and more ~ 2012 cant get here a moment too soon..

A nice memory:

I was visiting my mom and we had gone to market.  In  line in front of us were two small older mexican men with a ton of tomatoes.. I smiled and said to mom ooohh bet he's gonna cook up something GOOD.. and he heard my voice, the tone, and turned we gave each other warm smiles and I spoke to him in his language a greeting surprising him..  and he replied and he aske do you speack my language - I replied only a little, he said what is your name and I said Debbbie and yours .. he said, “Jesus..”

It was such a moment Nancy, and then back to reality as an old white woman behind us scowled and my mom twittered.. No one knew what he had answered as it was of course with spanish pronounciation ~yep, some of us do recognize the family of hu-Man - I do wish to do more, if you or anyone comes up with a good plan count me in.


Deb/Gaea and fur and feather crew

Thanks for your luv and support for those you speak so well in their behalf.


Thank you, Nancy, for so eloquently expressing feelings I also share.

We are all one.

 Blessings to you,



Dear Nancy, you are going to like the film The Moses Code, which was just released via DVD in 700+ towns this weekend...get a copy and show it to your local group, and then expand it...it is about seeing us all as God sees us and therefore we should see each other....we are all equal...also a great little book is The Holy Man by Susan Trott...it goes a long way to promote what you are speaking of...

love and peace,



My sentiments exactly. Living here in the Valley in Texas we wonder how people don't understand. This wall stuff is just another fear tactic, usurping our right to no walls and choice in the matter. I keep visualizing no walls and a free and happy border.

Ignorance breads fear unfortunately. People who have never lived along the border can't understand what it is like living here.



Wow! Well put! I worked as a counselor at a prison with Mexican immigrants and I know full well their plight! I always  feel bad when someone who appears to be spiritually minded sends me an email about keeping the illegal aliens out, and also some email saying, "Why do we have to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish for  God's sake, when it is our country".

 I don't think they think about the fact that this is a country that we took away from the Natives long ago and put them in reservations. I live in AZ and here there is an abundance of Spanish street names, etc. Do they not realize that this is because Arizona belonged to Mexico at one point? If we understand that we are all One then it would be nice to remember that we are ONE family- the human family and do away with the borders and welcome our brothers to our land. I always just delete those emails I mentioned above, and not bother to say anything cause I figure there is no use. But an email like yours may get through. Thank you for writing it. I am going to send it to those people in the hopes that they will "wake up" as you say.

Blessings and Namaste!


Hello dear Nancy - Now yes complete my day... It is 19:14 p.m. o'clock, and newly I sit down to write this email, in a better answer that the one that sent in the morning, because you grieve I read I knew that had work to make, since I noticed tears of pain behind the words...  

The same as Nancy Tate, I also say: "We couldn't stand by and just watch ace this inhumanity took place. Even if we couldn't do much physically, we could, and did do much from our hearts and souls. 




Dear Nancy!

Thank you for this!  I do not pass on derogatory pieces about immigrants, particularly those of Mexico!  I don't know whether it's the effect of Will Rogers who was born in Oklahoma and died when I was 8 years old, but "I have never met a stranger!"  I do not see color, and worked since age 14 (when I met my first black friends in Dallas, Texas) debating in high school for equal education, and have met many wonderful friends!

When I began that debate, my father said I was the kind of person who started revolutions, and I responded, "Thank you, Daddy.  That's the greatest compliment you ever gave me!" Fortunately, byt the time he reached the 80's he had revised his attitudes!

When I was secretary to President Cross of the University of Oklahoma, I was privileged to observe him dealing with black students applying to OU, and was so proud of him!  As two of the women left I took my break, and they separated and allowed me to walk between them. They smiled and said they wanted to thank me.  "What for?" I asked.  And they responded, "We know how people feel about us.  You are on our side."  I told them that this was one of the happiest days of my life!

One of my father's oldest cousins,  Dr. Ellis Gates of Eagle Pass, Texas, had a little plane and flew to Mexico to help those who needed him!  He burned his hands using the earliest x-rays, before the dangers were known.   But when he crossed the border he and his party were greeted with warm welcome and no delays!

Nancy, you wrote so beautifully, and you have touched my heart!  When I see bad jokes and negative material I cannot forward it. "There, but for the grace of God, go I!"  I am not smug or self satisfied.  My heart breaks for those people everywhere who are struggling just to survive.

I want to thank you with all of my heart! "Everything is God.  All joy is God."  And this applies to everyone!

All my love,



Many people do not see the Mexicans as real people like themselves. They don't equate them as being as human as themselves. I see a lot of that racism in Los Angeles toward Mexicans. What you wrote was very timely and maybe it should be sent to Lou Dobbs or someone at the CNN News Station. It is a really eye opening perspective.