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Dear People of my World,


In the late 1990’s I lived very near to the Mexican border in a cottage that I loved. I never locked my doors, or car, and I never felt afraid or in danger. I often sat outside on my back patio in the evening and listened to the mariachi music from the border town. I loved the reverie and the air of celebration of those times. I also loved the peaceful stillness that welcomed me most evenings to that sunset patio.


While there I joined a group that had formed locally of people who were sympathetic to the Mexican people who dared to escape across the border. We saw what took place with some of the locals and their animosity to the ones from the south. We also heard of the coyotes, meaning the ones from Mexico who were paid to bring Mexicans across the border, drop them off and then days later bring them across again, after those same immigrants had returned to the Mexican side. In this way the numbers of people who came to our side of the border expanded and gave more veracity to the claims of the expansion of the numbers of aliens crossing into this country.


I also had direct contact with some of the ones who came to our side of the border. They were sick and exhausted in Spirit and body; my friends and I could not stand aside and allow them to suffer. We could not see them thirsting in the arid desert heat and not leave water jugs where they could be easily seen. A group devoted one day a week for months to clearing the deserts of empty water jugs and trash from discarded wrappers from food, in order to keep the local ranchers appeased.


Where is the humanity to man with these borders? Where is the love of one another and the ability to stand forth and protect that which is inherently just in this world? We loved our town, and we loved our neighbors to the south. We couldn’t stand by and just watch as this inhumanity took place. Even if we couldn’t do much physically, we could, and did do much from our hearts and souls. I know for a fact that it was recognized by those who touched in to that love.


Why don’t we see that the solution to this madness is not to build more walls? How can we stand by as a people of this planet and treat those from other lands as if they are not good enough to come to our lands and participate in our bounty? Our bounty is in part due to their participation in its harvesting. Remember when you rode by the fields, groves and orchards and saw the people from the south laboring so that we could go into the stores and thankfully fill our shopping carts with what was reaped from their labors?


Do you not see that this is all a result of the contrived plans of those who sought to benefit from the tenacity of those who were held in such low regard as to manipulate them into the purpose that serves only those who seek to dominate? What about the soul that lives within each and every one of those who seek to live in their own homeland in peace and love, only to be coerced by a group whose only motive was to overcome and gain power over all of this world? What of those who stand in their homeland, tears staining their wretched faces, wrenched with the fear that their loved ones may have not made it over the border alive in search of a new life for them in a land that promised to be gilt with gold, and in reality bore only heartache and pain?


What of our souls and our peace of mind, as we see the reports of the bodies lying in the deserts, dehydrated and covered with the birds seeking their prey? What do we do when we hear of these atrocities and see the border patrol wagons driving through those deserts, looking for another person to return to the other side of their freedom?


Or is it freedom? Is it what they are told it is on the other side of the border? What of those who are told by the coyotes that those lights they see in the far distance are the welcoming lights of Phoenix, when in reality they are the lights of a nearby town not even an hour away? Where is the compassion of those who see all this happen and turn their backs, do they do so with tears in their eyes? Is it that their own fear is too great to jeopardize their own and their family’s well being? I say that it is, for the fear knows no borders, it creates them.


Fear grows and spreads. It takes over all of the trust and love that is in place in the hearts and souls of everyone. It does that, unless those who see and feel what is taking place do something to abate that fear, unless something rises up and deters that voice that says to turn around and run from this danger. How often have you started to turn away from something that you loathed, yet feared? How often have you then spent the next weeks, months and years wishing that you had made different decision? It is never to late. It is always the beginning of another decision. Whether it is to rise up and take action, or sit and go within declaring that you need the strength of spirit to see this through, it is imperative that you do something. It could be you who is grasping at any straw to make a new life for yourself and your family in another land, with another promise for the riches that you know on some level are your inheritance from Spirit.


I’m not speaking of luxurious material pleasures. I’m not speaking of caviar and Cadillac’s. I ‘m not speaking of bank accounts in Switzerland that mount through the ages. I’m speaking of a home, food, comfort and the love of your neighbor every moment, every day of your life. I’m speaking of the ease to walk down your street and wave and speak to the ones who come along, to pat yours and every one else’s dog. To sit on your porch at sunset and watch the sun go to bed for another day to the chorus of birdsong, and to rise in the morning knowing that you will travel through town and be welcome by every person, regardless of race or creed, no matter where you come from and where you’ll return at night.


When was the last time you walked by a person of Mexican descent and smiled that smile of welcome, which reflected the warmth in your heart? Did you feel a genuine feeling of love and comradeship, or did you wonder if they had citizenship, or were here illegally? Since when did we all come from different parts of God? Did God say upon our creation, “You are to go to such and such a place, and You are to go to this place across the waters.”? Did God say, pointing to a group of people, “You are going to have to live a hard life!” and pointing at another group, “You are going to be richer than anyone could imagine.”


I say not! I say that we have been hoodwinked into thinking that we are less powerful that a group of people who have taken over our lands and our freedom! I say it is time that we stop and look around us at what our world looks like now. Look into the eyes of our neighbors to our south and see the light of God there. It is there, you know. It is shining back from their eyes into ours, for we reflect each other. Yes, we are no better than they are and they are no worse they we. We are all made from the same essence, so how could we be anything less than that essence of truth and love that is our Creator? We have been all things, all people. We have worn the same robes as those whose robes lay bloodstained in the fields of battle. How can we raise a weapon in their direction without knowing that we raise it to ourselves?


I appeal to you to please open your eyes. See what is before you and see what is within you, in your heart and soul. Then I dare you to make them one and the same, what is before you reflects that, which is within. You can do it, and so can I. We each have our way of doing it, and it is up to each and every one of us to recognize what that is. If it is for you to sit on your porch and glory in the sunset, then do it, fully and with all your heart and soul. If it is for you to go out and speak your truth about the freedoms we must regain, then do it, fully and with all your heart and soul. If it is to go out and make your mark in society for the freedom of humanity, then do it, fully and with all of your heart and soul.


Welcome into your heart and soul the unity of all of mankind. See your backyard as the backyard of all of humanity. Pull up a chair and set out the coffee, tea, or libation for all of humanity, and celebrate our union together with the love that we have deep within for every one on this planet. Even the deepest evil energy can find its way home to the freedom of love. Never give up; never give up.


Thank you for being here,

Love, Nancy Tate