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Nancy: Hatonn, Iím going to ask you some questions today. I thank you for all your assistance and love.


My first question is concerning the money situation in the world and the veracity of what has been going around the Internet about the financial situation, etc.


Hatonn: My dear one, you are in the midst a sea of soup. It is a soup that contains many ingredients, some of those ingredients are pleasing to the palate for some people, and some are not only unpleasant they are downright unpalatable. When this kind of thing occurs there is a certain amount of indigestion that can occur. There can be a bit of discomfort in some, and a sense of well being in others. Take for instance the idea of the prosperity funds. This contains several ingredients that invigorate some people. These people thrive on the hope that these messages give them, while others donít have a digestibility for them and when they are asked to digest them, they are unable to, or donít even try to because they know from past experience that it isnít their cup of tea, it just keeps them stirred up and agitated.


This is not to say that anything that is going around is wrong. When anything is given a certain amount of focus then it becomes as anything in this world has become, when given enough focus. If someone in this world gives no focus to it then it is not a part of their reality and they then are not affected by it, unless they continually check in on it and see where it stands.


This may not be because of a conscious desire or curiosity for the information; it is being drawn to them through some intent on some level to be informed. This directs the ordering of the information and it is given the opportunity for digestion once again.


The basic facts of intention and magnetism are stated here. There is a serious division right now of what has been given enough focus to bring something into the reality of the whole of humanity, and that which is still being made real by a certain number of people, but that hasnít reached the hundredth monkey as yet. This is a part of the physics of the material world; there is a certain point at which something is brought into being through the directives of the people involved in the reality.


If enough people continue to give focus to this, and if that number grows to a point that some refer to as the zero point, then in all reality it will come to be a part of that reality. If this in a certain period of time does not come to reality, then it could very well fade away and be but a temporary memory in the minds of those who followed it for a time.


Nancy: Okay, I understand that. What about the factor of our cosmic family, and how much are you all helping us?


Hatonn: We are helping you as much as we are able to. We are governed by the Laws of The Universe, as you know. That gives us a certain amount of leeway to be able to send emissaries to earth, and to send representatives to surround the earth and to take certain measures to assure that the planet is safe, and does not destruct for any reason.


We are told to stand down in any measure that gives humanity the ability to prove to themselves their might and their ability to bring for themselves the desired outcome of any activity that takes place on earth that is for the betterment of the planet and humanity. This precludes the disarmament of any and all nuclear devices and facilities on or in earth. We will not allow anything of that nature to be detonated or to be leaked to poison earthís atmosphere.


I hear your question about chemtrails, and at this point I will tell you that there is an ongoing measure on our part to supercede what those who fly your skies are doing to poison the atmosphere and create chaos. As they spray, our envoys follow behind and as much as is allowable clear away the residue and therefore the effects of the chemtrails. First we had to have had your directive for us to do that. We received that two years ago.


I will tell you this much that will answer your questions about why some people become ill from the chemtrails and some donít. Remember that there is a soul purpose and choice-making situation in every aspect of earthlife. When something such as the chemtrail issue takes place and people are rendered ill because of it, those same people on a soul level have agreed to endure the symptoms of the maladies that occur as a result of the poisons. This is for the purpose of bringing the idea of chemtrails to the public and to inform them as to the effects.


There is a reason for this, and it goes beyond the 3D of illness, danger, and the evil empire that is bringing this about. Take your heart and mind to another level and see that all of this, all that is taking place on earth at this time is a means by which humanity cam see for themselves how far they can go from the truth of who they really are. This is a measure by which they can begin to return to their authenticity. This is one of the Laws of the Universe in operation here. All of humanity on a soul level is operating under those Laws. This also gives them the conscious ability to see what they can do to preserve their reality and to allow it to merge with the upper dimensions.


I remind you to look once again at the Laws of the Universe as outlined in your book. They are the Laws of Faith, Life, Light, Rightness, Truth, Love, and The Word. Yes, under these Laws humanity, indeed all of life has to live on a soul level by these laws; it is inherent in them, they cannot live except according to these Laws.


Consider that for a moment; is it not possible that in any given moment that any one person has to live according to these Laws? When humanity was created it was for the purpose of being able to carry out the experience of straying from oneís own self. How else can one operate within the Universal Laws, and be able to stray from those very Laws? They had to take on the cloak of illusion in order to be able to carry out the roles that they have been playing for all these eons of time. That means that while they are in this make believe world, they are still on a soul level living according to the Laws of the Universe.


What does that mean according to the reality that so many are involved with today? It means that anything can take place in any environment that is created as long as it does not disturb the Laws of the Universe. That is why the Truth will always be heard, the Love will always be able to be accessed. The Light will always be visible to one degree or another. There will always be a Rightness accessible to anyone, Faith will always be available to anyone who asks for it, and The Word will always ring through anything that exists, for it is the IAM. If this were not so, then none of what is taking place could continue, for there would be no power or energy through which all this could continue to gain power and identity. It would all implode into itself and be absorbed back into The Source of All.


Nancy: Yes, I see that. So any of the other questions I had seem to be moot, except that the issues of the day affect us, and either drag us down into the fear that they produce, or are ignored and set aside because of the denial that we chose to live by.  Somehow that doesnít ring well with me. Denial is not the answer, is it?


Nancy: You are correct, denial is not the answer, for to deny anything is to deny all of it.


Hatonn: What is a more powerful thing to do is to see all of it as a part of the reality that you are seeing right now and to know that as you see it, it is as watching a movie broadcast over a giant screen, one in which you feel as if you could step right into it and be a part of it. That is your choice. In reality, you could step into what you are seeing and reading, or you could sit back and enjoy the movie and take what lessons and realizations from it that you desire and see. You can get lost in the drama, or you can see the humor, or learning experience in it.


You can also see the parts of it that are designed by your souls to present to you a picture and story of who you are not. In this way you can see what it is that you can do about this life you have chosen, to be able to move in and out of the picture/story and yet not be so caught up in it that you forget and close your eyes to what the truth is of the Laws of the Universe. You can continue to see why you have chosen to be here and play your part, or you can fall into the drama and become so lost that you believe that the drama is what is real, rather than your seat in the balcony.


Nancy: So what you are saying here is that we are here specifically for what we are experiencing, or we wouldnít be here. The secret is to keep ourselves free of the encompassing energies of the movie, the events taking place, and follow what we feel from our seat in the balcony. We can take lessons, we can gain new inspiration, and we can go on with our role here, adding to the story and we can continue with our ability to know who we really are, and to at the same time continue to add our part to the complete picture. In that way we are playing our role and achieving our purpose in being here.


So when we read about the things that are taking place here on earth, and we begin to fall into the mess, we can pick ourselves up and make decisions that are wise for us, for we always have access to the Laws of the Universe, and they bring us back to center, to Home within. They give us the inspiration by which to be a part of this world and not be of it. We can gain wisdom to act according to the Laws of the Universe.


There is so much information out there that we can amuse ourselves through eternity and never lack for something to stir our interests. However if we immerse ourselves in this limited information that interprets as life on earth, then we in effect will be as the animal in the cage treading round and round on the treadmill, going nowhere. We can explore our roots, our origins and all of the intricacies that have already been created, and from there we can move forward and create in the energy of eternal Light in creation. We can apply those insights to our life here on earth, and never get stuck in what we perceive to be the truth of our world. It is far more vast than anyone who is convinced that this is the only reality can fathom.


Hatonn: this is correct, my dear, and once you are all able to know thai as your conscious reality, then you will be the master of your life and you will be consciously on a soul level kerge with the Truth that is ever present in your being. You will walk through this life and always be ready for a new vision, a new experience that will propel you into the joyous realization that you are the Oneness that you know and that you see in every particle of light and life in your reality.


Step aside and allow the vagaries of the world to march on by, for with this new time of April dreams comes the ability to mold your world in the echoes of your heartfelt word for Truth and Light to be the guiding Force for all time. It is a spelling out of the creativity that the Mushaba force is bringing you, and as you walk in that energy you walk in the law that guides you through all of existence.


Go now into your day, my dear Lights of the world and the Universe and see that roles you play as the melting pot of life that sends you soaring into the New Golden Age, for it is filled with Your Light and Your Love.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate