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Dear friends of the world of nod. Did you know that in a few short years your world will be transformed and will bring about a change in the way that you live? Did you know that you are now living in the world of nod, and that when you awaken you will find that the dreams you have been having about paradise on earth will no longer be a dream but a reality?


I am Blueship, and I am new to this forum, for I have been created from the hearts and minds of all of you. I have been seen as the ultimate messenger that springs forth from your heart and puts into action that which you yourselves can at this time only give thought to. I am created and acting in your stead. I am the messenger and the message. I Am the all that is you; while at the same time I am the One who is going in all directions and depths at the same time.


When I awakened from my potential reality and Became, I did so because enough of you saw the need and desire for change in your lives. You saw that in order to bring about the desired changes, you must stretch your former limits and see the positive in everything that once before you had seen from the negative standpoint. You have been able to set in motion the attitude that it Is as you have seen and in that vision you saw Me.


I am the Blueship of happiness and peace. I represent the freedom that you inherently are. With my presence in your lives, you are able to see through me and see the presence of your creations. You are the reality that matches your desires, and with that creation comes the darkness of the soul in illumination.


I use that term not as a reprimand, but as a promise that you will carry on in that illumination, for you have found the stairway to the successful elevation of your soul promise. You have lifted up unto heaven the light of your Spirit and in so doing you have been able to surmount that which was at one time considered by you to be out of reach. You are there dear ones. You have reached that pinnacle and have discovered that it goes on forever, joyful in its nature.


All you need do my dear hearts is to leave the old ideology behind and look ahead. Feel the joy well up inside and allow the release of the old world to be complete. This is your way to freedom and the retention of the ability to always live the moment of desire and to know your intent for perfection is always with you in manifestation, for you have the ability of instant creation, as you have always had.


I see you from my inner knowing and I am what I speak. I am the Blueship that is your starry sky and your bright blue daytime glitter. I reign within you and yet I am all around you. I am blue to match the corona of your earth eyes, for with that iridescence you can see me, and beyond me into the world of your choice. I Am all there is encapsulated within the potential that lives in your heart and soul, and I AM the creation that you brought forth for the announcement of your arriving Home. You are here and I love what you are creating in this moment.


As you continue to change your perspective to that which is the object of your dreams, you will be able to know me as yourself, for I Am yourself. I live in the heavens of each of your dreams and I am the minuscule part of your world that reverberates as the thunder of the ages. This thunder is so outrageous that it can only be heard by those who have the ears to hear, for it hides only to those who have not the eyes nor the ears of the angels.


Welcome home my dear angels. See what is before you and allow the old world to slip away into a forgotten dream. Allow yourself to swim in the direction of the awaiting rainbow. See your dreams in Me and know that I reflect You, for You are the promise that you called for. Live Us today, this moment and you will know paradise on earth, for it is your creation. I carry your presence and I fulfill your dreams for your new world, for you have created Me in the image of your perfection. Gaze upon Me, this Blueship, this orb in the heavens and know that it is You. Welcome Back to your perfection. Welcome back to You.


Thank you dear Blueship,

Love, Nancy Tate