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Hi Everyone,


I want to tell you a bit about the news in this message before you read it. Two days ago as I was preparing to go out the door, I reached for my purse and the thought came upon me to make sure I had my recorder with me, which I did. As we headed down the road to do our errands, I kept getting the feeling that there was going to be a message. I got information in bits and pieces, though the ‘real’ message did not come, for I was to learn that it was not time for it yet.


What I did get was that there were people at the White House, humans and lightbeings who were preparing to take measures for the re-vitalization of the League of Nations, that there were two nations that hadn’t as yet come with their plan/outline for their part in it. Those two were Hungary and Yugoslavia.


As I got this information I relayed it to Bob, so it was clear in both our minds. I got the feeling that there was going to be an announcement, and I asked if it was NESARA. I was told no; that NESARA would be a bi-product of it, or what NESARA stands for. 


I got a phone call from a friend, and she asked my input on a dream and feeling of anxiety that she was having. It turns out that she was one of the ones in her former lifetime (she’s a walk-in) who was involved with the original League of Nations and that she was either seriously hurt or killed by a member of what we’ll call the ‘opposition’. She was from Yugoslavia, and that was a big part of why that country back then withdrew from the League and then came back in. She was feeling that old energy. She felt better after I told her what I had received. Also, Yugoslavia had come up in conversation for her the day before, and that was unusual for her.


Later that afternoon I heard that Hungary had come ‘on board’. That left Yugoslavia. Yesterday evening I heard that they had come with their plan and that it was not acceptable, for it was far too complicated, with too many loopholes and opportunities for failure. They were told to throw it out and start over again, getting it right this time.


This morning after breakfast, I suddenly was inspired to do a Wake up Call; this is what came.





Wake up Call: St. Germain April 19, 07


This is a beautiful time in the history of planet earth and in this time we are seeing the ending of the darkening shadows as they steal across the sky. On the other side of those shadows awaits the dawning of a new day of joy and peace filled with love and with the light that leads all of life to a place where they will live the constancy of truth forevermore.


Until that day arrives we are involved with the interests that take us to that day. One of those interests is the reformation of the League of Nations. With that group of people representing all of the nations on earth we will see unfold the original inspiration that brought the League into being. This time the resurrection of the League will represent the unified cause that is being seen in the hearts and minds of all of humanity. This time the original idea of the League is being represented as a unified representative of what is believed to be the only way that peace can reign supreme on this planet, for it represents the whole as never before.


There is now a reorganization taking place that will replace certain interests for the time deemed necessary for the coming together of the people’s voice in all affairs of earth society. In order to build a peaceful co-existence among all nations, one must first feel that peace in one’s heart. In order to feel that peace in ones heart there must be a surrender to what is taking place around and within one’s being. This is paramount to giving oneself to a cause that represents the totality of that which is intended for a unified earth society.


Take the bonds of holy matrimony, for instance. With these vows the couple promise to themselves and each other that they will honor each other and respect all that each other intends for not only their individual lives, so too for the other’s life. This is the creation of a bond that perseveres through all adversity and all blessings that come their way. This is the energy by which a harmonic bond is kept intact, and glorified in Spirit.


So too for all of mankind. When the times of the world and the events represented in those times speak of warring and dishonor there is a disharmony that speaks of one’s own disharmony, for peace cannot prevail in anyone’s life if it is not found within. This is true for anything that is. This is found to be the cornerstone for all of life. With this in mind I bring to you the idea of bringing this League of Nations as an interim body that will serve to steer the masses to a new representation that will personify the ultimate in earth society and governance. Through this body a new way of governance can be realized and brought forth to represent the people’s choice and more importantly their honor and harmony within themselves.


Picture this progression, if you will. Bringing this League forward and presenting its principles to the people is the first step. From that point the people can be shown how they can represent themselves in society and how their voices can be heard in an equitable manner that represents their intentions for their lives. The original purpose of the League was in preventing any further warring and bloodshed on planet earth. The founders of the League know that in order to bring peace to planet earth they must first establish it within their hearts and within each person in each nation. This means a collective energy that creates within itself in the image of itself.


How can any society or any collection of nations persevere while at the same time keeping their own unique culture intact? They do it by honoring each other for their diversity and the richness that is brought to the whole. This is the new beginning of what was seen over ninety years ago to be the peaceful co-existence of mankind on planet earth. The difference now is that there are more people on the planet who are ready for that peaceful co-existence, for there has been much of the old patterning released to the winds of change that are blessed by The Creator.


We see for all of you a new way of life on earth; a new way of honoring who you are collectively and individually. We see that as the steps come together we are gaining new wisdom and understanding of why the measures brought about years ago for peace were dropped by the wayside. We see now for the same reasons why the time for these measures is now, at this moment in time. Humanity is ready to hand up the boxing gloves and come out to the floor embracing each other, for they are weary of the burden of keeping the separation going. It is time for a reprieve from the warring instinct and time for the onset of a peaceful planet.


Look into the hearts of those who rise up against peace in this day. Do you see an enthusiasm there, a life that expresses the verve and vigor for truly being and doing what is in their heart? Or do you see a zombie moving and taking orders from an outside source? Look into your own heart and feel what your representation of these acts are. Extend out to those others your love and compassion and then see them as being in peace, and as being in the arms of The Creator extending that peace throughout the world. Then see that rosy glow covering the earth and extending itself out into the galaxy and beyond.


This is the time, my dear ones for you to take control of your life and your peace of mind. It is time for you to stand in your honor and to represent that which is inherent within your own beingness, and then to extend that energy out into the universe, knowing that it is done. With that gift of yourself that you give to the all, you are creating a space in which all blessings can be realized for your life and for all of humanity. This time on planet earth is a time when the energies are ripe for the blossoming of the peacefulness that is inherent within, and upon the heels of that peacefulness sprouts the new Golden Age and what that represents to all of you.


First my dear ones, comes the reversal of all that is hiding in the shadows. First comes the revelations that create love and light in expression. First comes the ongoing knowledge that in order to have peace on earth one must begin with home, with one, then another and another till the whole of the family of creation is in total and complete harmony.


We are working towards that with our talks with each nation of planet earth. We are preparing for the time when all nations will be represented as parents in this great venture of bringing peace to the globe once and for all. We see that in order for this to take place, it must be one step at a time and it must represent that which the people can relate to.


This is a time when the people will respond to that which they can relate to. The transition from a warring society to a peaceful planet must first begin in an energy that is trusted and known. That energy must be trusted and must bear a title of membership in earth history that has born the seeds of peace and the people’s voice. Look at your own personal lives and realize the journey that you made from being asleep at the wheel, on up to the realization of who you are and how The Creator honors each and every one of you. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Peace will come in an instant once you feel it in your heart and walk it in your talk. Miracles can come from one solitary word, and that word is love, love for all of mankind, no matter who they are and what they’ve done. There is no chastisement in the heart of The Creator.


Now, my dear ones, I AM St. Germain, and with this message brought to you with the energy and total expression of the Galactic Federation, I leave, knowing that truth shall persevere and that peace shall reign over this planet for all of eternity. As you each lift your hearts to the heavens and sing out your declaration for peace, love, harmony, and joy you do so with the totality of earthlife coursing through your veins and creating that which is intended for all of mankind. Make your declaration now for the unity of all beings, and you walk in the Light of who you truly are. Blessings upon you all.


Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate