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Hi Everyone,

Bob and I will be away from the computer for a couple days. We’re taking time for some relaxation and fun in our old stomping grounds Bisbee and the area, along with dancing to my favorite band, Trainwreck.

This morning I received an email from a subscriber with a question about yesterday’s Wake up Call. As I was answering her I felt that this was an issue that many are facing right now. So here is her question and my response.




Okay, Nancy, I am S and am a lightworker for over 40 years. Lately, during a meditation, I was angry at
Ahn(u) (sat next to him in Kryons room/hall) and said that I was not pleased because I had the idea that he
hold the dark caball in their position and we could not reach mankind to bring them back to God. So, this
is his response.

St.Germain said that I was too impatient (suppose due to a different timeframe). What can we do to get the killerbees (Bushes, Blair, Balkende, Bos, Berlusconi, Barroso) come to their senses and stop the NWO?? except sending universal
Love and energy??


Dear S,


The first thing you can do is to stop pushing against that which you do not want. It is really as simple as that. Live the love that you have for all mankind and know that as you do you participate in a worldwide movement that takes the initiative and allows the plan of earth at this time to flow into the New Golden Age.


That is not to say that you do nothing, actively. It is powerful to express your love in many ways. The thing to remember is to do it in the energy of love and compassion, rather than as resistance. For instance, if you see someone being attacked by a marauder do what you choose in love to stop the attack. Call out for help, call in all the angels and tell them to help that person, anything that shows your love for the people involved. Yes, even for the person doing the attacking. Who knows what has driven that person to go so far away from what he is basically inside.


You can even physically stop the attack if you have the ability and the wisdom to know that you can. What makes the difference between pushing against the attacker and rushing in to stop the attack is your motivation and state of mind at the time. When you instinctively rush in to stop the attack, if your intent overall is to come from love, you will find that is more powerful than doing it in fear with hate for the attacker.


I used this example because it seems to be an energy that is being felt by many people these days, even lightworkers. It is as if they feel that they are being attacked, both on the 3D and on the lower planes. Once again, it is a matter of knowing that you are powerful and that the energy of love is present at all times keeping you in a constant state of protection and compassion.


If you re-read the message from Enki/Ahn you will see why things have progressed as they have. Also you will see that what the illuminati are doing now is born from empty memories. The only energy that can stir their actions to fire is if we give life to them. If we see them as our enemies then we will create that which we see. Are they our enemies, or are they merely one of us, playing out their roles deemed by The Creator, and played forward in the momentum of the darkness (lack of Light in perception)?


When I first heard of Ahn over a year ago, I rejected him. I was fearful that he was of the dark, because he stated some things that I perceived to be incorrect. I judged him based on someone else's perceptions of the way to discern light from dark. I was torn, for there was a part of me that wanted to believe that he was of the Light. So I asked St. Germain, through Mike Quinsey, about Ahn. What he told me was that Ahn could be either light or dark, depending on what I believed him to be. In other words, which one did I want to put my energies to, his lightness or darkness. That is what he would then be, in my eyes and my experience.


See what our perception does? It molds our world. I chose then to believe that Ahn was not light, and that I wanted nothing more to do with him. Now I know that he was a representation of my degree of belief in the idea of him, and that I can turn myself around and see only the Light in him. That is why he came to me yesterday and I was able to allow him his voice. It was a very wonderful thing that I did for myself, for I trusted my feelings in the message and the energy in which it was given. Since I have a strong connection to the Ahn/Enki line, I am now able to go on and be myself more strongly in my work for the Light.


That is what we all can do. Trust in ourselves to be who we are more fully than we've perhaps allowed ourselves to be. In that way we will go forth and allow the light from everyone to shine forth in our perceptions of the world. That will create our world in a way that will keep on shining, and transform even the darkest into the light. We have that power. Remember to allow everyone else their journey, and to be true to our own.