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I received this question from a friend in the email, and below it is the information I got from Hatonn in response.

Q: Nancy, do you remember my letter to you asking if the UFO's were going to show themselves and land this year? It was in one of your messages and I just wanted to know if it was still going to happen.

I don't remember which message that was in. Let's see; I'll ask......."circumstances have developed so that the certainty of that happening is up to the circumstances that take place and the decisions that come about in manifestation on the planet. We will continue to come and show ourselves to certain areas of the globe, that is a certainty.

Time, as you know it is changing and shifting, making the whole energy of this time on earth drifty and flux. Believe it or not you are all traveling in and out of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions so rapidly at times that often an event that has taken place in one dimension is stopped and/or eliminated as to the appropriateness of that event. As well, events are inserted in one dimension that before was not there. This is done for the sake of choosing the most appropriate energetic way in which to bring this all to a close.

This is the power of some of you when you are in your sleep time and also when you are in your awake time. There are times when you drift off in daydreams, or doze off on a short catnap. Those are some of the times in which you traverse the time levels. This is a fluent time for you, and you are accomplishing more than you may realize. Much of what you are seeing come to pass that supports the Light, love, peace and freedom of mankind is accomplished by you, with the co-operation of us.

Time to many of you is of less and less consequence; it is rather that the events and feelings surrounding them are the perveyors of time and give it a whole new perspective by which to recognize the validity of certain feelings. That is one of the ways in which you are learning to tune in to your innate sense of truth and discernment. I am Hatonn, and I welcome you home to yourselves. Enjoy the ride, knowing that all is in Divine Order."

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate