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“When I walk amoung you I walk as you. When You walk with me you are me. We are one as surely as the sun and sky share the same space. We blend and we come to each other with the truth of the ages, for we have created the ages and it is fine.”


This statement from God, The Creator is one that came to me this day as I sat to rest and take a moment of silence. I did so with the idea that in this moment of silence there would be a profound message that would gladden the hearts of mankind and shatter the thought of being alone.


There is nothing in this world that can stand alone without anything else. There is always the accompaniment of love with all that there is. There is nothing more, or less than the truth, for it is always being explored and announced in its coming. When the activities of daylight meet the slumber of night, truth has come to light upon the memories that lull you all to sleep.


I Am Hatonn, and with these words I lead us into another thought. What if there was no truth in this world and all was a lie perpetrated by all action and thought? Would there be anything different from what you know now, or would there be only the same activity, the same thought and the same memories?


What is the meaning of truth? What is the meaning of this world that you live in and find to be truth? When you come to terms with what has been created in your lives, you see that there is room for discussion only as far as your perception can take you. What about the others’ perception, is that not truth to them? We see upon earth much that is being lived and taken to be truth. We feel the experience you have to what is before you, and what is within your grasp. We see your response to all that is, and we know that you are in receivership of what has come into your lives.


This is what is taking place right now on other levels of the dimensions in which you play. There are many pictures being played out for the enjoyment of the players. With these pictures there is a decided influence, one to the other as the players involve themselves with their own particular story. As these stories continue throughout the levels they sometimes meld into each other and come to a blending that is not only real to the ones playing but to the other levels as well. How is this possible? It is because all is taking place simultaneously and when two or more levels meld into one, there is an energy established of communication that speaks to all of the levels and invites participation.


Can you see how this is coming to fruition in your lives? What was once considered to be a monumental task to turn around a warring planet and come to peace on a combined level was to have been considered almost impossible. Now the numbers of people who are marching and speaking for peace is increasingly bringing this into manifestation.


Let the bells toll for the meek of the earth, for with the meek shall the new world begin. With the mighty shall the meek behold and declare themselves all in unison. For the meek are but others’ idea of what they aren’t, and a word does not the truth make. The meek and the mighty shall walk forth as one and the truth of their power shall be evident.


I take thee now to the ends of the earth and declare that there is no end. When the pinnacle is reached and the story told, there will be a great reckoning that will skyrocket over all the earth and will ring truth into every heart and soul. There will come a day when all round the globe the whisper of love will ring out. That will begin the day of new gladness and joy and all will come to see that they are the keepers of the truth as it winds through all that they convey. This will be the coming of the new way of being, the way of the angels blending into the human form and walking through life with a song of peace and joy for all time to come in the moment that comes to your door.


So my dears as you march and write of your intent, seeing the same pictures as I, take a moment of silence and hear what is said in the glory that resounds through your day, for it follows a pathway that you have begun, and in that pathway you’ll see the stamp of agreement that sings through the days of being in harmony pure. There is no other than you and I, and all that is forevermore. For when the door opens and the greeted is you, the truth will ring out from your heart, that all that has come up to that point was contained in the blink of God’s eye. For in that blink a wish was bestowed upon humanity fair that peace live, and joy be the song of the day. And now you have answered that door.


Bring out the teacups and line the china with the pastries of golden delights. For we come to this party with treasures galore and we gather to sing of the wondrous new way of living our truth evermore.


Thank you dear ‘Bard’ Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate