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My dear ones, this is a day that is created specifically for celebration and for the purpose that brings the celebration. This is the day for jubilant warning of the times to come to an end, and the warning is for those who do not believe that their games are over and that there is a glow to the sky that is radiating out from the core of the earth, and through all of humanity.


This is the time for a coming together of all of the species of man, all who speak in differing dialects and who wear upon their countenances a different look that bespeaks their origins off planet. This is a time for all of humanity to speak as one, and it has been done.


Yes, my dear ones, I Am Hatonn, and a say to you now that the time has come for the unity of desire and purpose to be announced and this has been done. We looked upon the language of unity in the early morning hours on earth, and we saw the unmistakable resonance that was reverberating around the globe. With this reverberation we heard the unmistakable speech that we have been awaiting. We heard from all of humanity that they are ready to take the ball and deliver it into the basket that changes from one reality to another.


As the ball enters the basket from above, then the transformation begins. As the ball slips past the mesh of life and continues on down through the opening into another victory the message that is given is one of total and complete release of all of the karmic resolutions that have been mounting for these long eons of time.


Yes, this means that as the day grew into being on planet earth, humanity was releasing the karmic patterning that had kept them bound to this earth life in duality. With this release sounded the chimes of freedom throughout all of heaven. This gave us all the go ahead to come into your presence in a way that had not as yet been possible. Now we are able to come and be among you in a vibration of total allowance, for you have seen what your purpose is and you have called for the release of all that has been and will be.


What this means for the picture and playout on earth now, my dear ones is that as the activities of those who operate in the shadows wind up to a crescendo that is befitting a lower energy than is in purpose for this time in the evolution of mankind, there is also a lessening of the degree of choice in which they can deliver their message of lost dreams to the people. As this takes place you will see more and more the revelations of truth come to bear in the world, and with this will come the speeding up of the coming closure that will reckon with the attitudes of delight that are to be the resonance language of the coming times.


This is the end of the karmic playout, and the beginning of the new dispensation that will create the instant awakening of many who have lain in slumber all these eons. As the boundaries fall away, and people are awakened by the beating of the drums of truth, you will see many more people standing up for their rights of freedom to congregate, assemble, to travel freely, and to speak as their heart inspires them.


As they accomplish this you will find a new place in society that is born from this new feeling of freedom and that will give cause to the renewal of the love that inspires and heals the world. There has long been a separation of one group of people from another and this is to be found to change with the truth that will come forth that we all originate from the same Source.


How are you to do this, you ask? You will do it from the purity of the energy in which you stand. You will find that there is no longer the push-pull that drove wedges between brethren. You will feel the difference in the tenants of the teachings that resonate with truth that is both familiar and remembered to be the way of Spirit.


As you come to these times, you will find many challenges that arise from the journey to the release. You will be given obstacles to amass and then consider in your travels. You will find that these challenges will be swift and sure in their message and from the point of clarity with them, you will flow on into the reward of seeing the truth of the matter, then going on in a new lightness.


My dear beloved ones, I come this day in readiness to join with you in this quest. I walk alongside you and I hold your hand as the day progresses into evening. I wipe the tears of joy from your faces and taste the sweetness that is left upon my fingertips, for your joy is mine and I dance with you into the evening of this new day. I see you as you watch the sun setting on this joyful time and I feel the freedom with which you gaze upon the stars in the heavens that blink and wink back at you.


I listen as those blinking, winking stars whisper to you of the truth of their identity, and I bear witness from one of them to your family who resides in the heavens surrounding your venerable planet on this night and for many more to come. We have been here for many years and our numbers continue to mount as the times wind down to your new awakening into the truth of truths. You have come of age, and in that coming you are ready for the times that come and the events that will overcome the seeming destiny that is born from the shadows.


Fear not what is broadcast in the times to come and know that this is the last hurrah for those who deliver the news, for they are operating on shortwave frequency and in that sequence that goes nowhere and leaves no residue of truth upon which to build anew. The only truth that will be coming in the days ahead are the ones that rise from the hearts and souls of the knowers of the truth when they hear and see it. All else will be as feathers on the wind, released to be another vehicle upon which to ride into the sunset of no return.


We love and honor you all, and we see that rising cloud of discontent breaking up and revealing the glow that surrounds the people of earth at this time. We know that as you continue with the earth events there is a majority who know what they see for what it is, and do not deter from what they know deep within to be the peaceful times that are about to be born on dear Mother Gaia’s body, and within her peaceful countenance. Her children have spoken, and it is the language of love and joy for the new feeling of freedom that they have given unto themselves on this day.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate