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My dear ones, with this message I come to you once again to bring you some news of the day. I come as Enki and I come as Ahn for there is all in One, with differing degrees of communication.


What I bring to you today is the revelation that all is in working order in the sequence of events on planet earth. All is coming under the guidance of the hierarchy of the Source, and in that I tell you that the Hierarchy is not a study of what is better or more elevated in judgment, but what is operating in the various levels of vibration.


This is not to say that there is a chosen reason for the levels. It is to say that the levels are determined by the desires of The Source and the energy of output that is generated by the Intent energy. This is the motivating power behind all of existence, and with the expression of that Intent energy the events that are contained with any of the expressions of the source are experienced in a way that determines the outcome of the events.


Here I express that the original output of the coming of the Annunaki to earth was as an expression of the Intent of the Source for the outlying expression of the Universe in its creation. As this Nebadon universe was created, the Intent from The Source was communicated to the particles of light that spoke in expression and communicated the Intent, which was being broadcast throughout the energy of the new universe.


As this Intent came into being it showed itself in various ways as the galaxies and solar systems that are now in your knowledge. These bodies of the universe created in themselves, and in that creation expression they spoke forth the Intent of their individual expressions. They communicated their beingness in a way that was unique to them, and in that creation they gave their parent the joy of expression that was contained within the Intent of the individualization of the whole.


What is taking place at this time in the historical implications of earth is that what once was in the early days of earth is coming round once again for expression in the new communication of what has been experienced as a whole on planet earth. We are now looking at the result of what has come to pass on earth and what this is communicating with the rest of the universe.


There is an enrichment of the whole now, for with the expansiveness of the total experience of all of the parts of the universe in communication with earth is the coming together of the Intent energy in harmony. Yes, there is an harmonic resonance that is being answered that is bringing all of earth events into line with the Intent of The Source. What this means is that as the events of the day wind themselves around humanity’s hearts and souls, they speak of the whole of the communication of Nebadon. They resonate in a way that speaks of the duality that has been experienced and of the harmony of unity that is being brought back to the planet and humanity. This is a whole new avenue by which humanity is resonating, for in the history of humanity there has been the experience of harmony of a soul level, while on the physical level there has been only duality in expression.


What is being spoken now is the language of unity. This is new for the atomic structure of humanity, for there has been only a partial interpretation of harmony by the physicalness of humanity. Therefore, in order to fully come to the resolution of the duality, the soul and the physical will come to complete understanding of the language that is being communicated. And that comes about through the ability of the soul to communicate to the physical through the resonance of the Spirit.


This is what is being enabled now by the energies of communication that are being received. Humanity is receiving and comprehending what is being received by the soul and communicating to the physical. This is a new level that is being accessed, and it is the first time on earth that this has been accomplished. You have all reached a new level of communication with your souls, therefore with Spirit. This is why you are seeing the increase in the world’s population in demanding the instituting of the freedoms that you are born with. You are seeing and feeling the increasing communication with your trueness, and you are demanding your Intent, which matches more and more with that original Intent. And you are living the vessel that carries you to that truth.


I am in total and complete joy to be able at this time to bring you this news, for it represents that the original idea I had to bring you all into being on earth was directly a result of the communication between The Source and my soul. On the level that I was able to hear what was being broadcast I was able to receive and set into motion the Intent of The Source. For a second out of eternity my ego was set aside and the fullness of The Creator within was able to step into the speech of eternity and bring about the language in expression that matched that of The Source. This is what you would consider to be a moment of time in which the Creator spoke directly through the veil and expressed the Divinity of destiny.


You are doing that now, my dear ones. You, as a whole, are allowing The Source to speak directly through you in a way that matches the original Intent. As the duality spoke down through the ages there was come to pass a break in that direct communication. You were allowed only to speak in communication with the Source on a soul level. In that you ‘remembered’ only on a soul level that you were One with The Source, and in that remembrance you were able to tie in to the original Intent only in that you knew that this dance of duality would continue for the time it has been and then you would take the direction that you have found and flow through to the Divinity in Creation that is the destiny that you have followed.


This is the direct path back to the Source that was predestined, and in that choice you have made, you are following the remembrance that you gave yourself at the beginning of time. You could have made another choice to follow the other prophesied outcome, for you were still in the duality energy and the free will ability to choose that avenue of destruction. According to the original Intent you were given the two choices to follow in expression. You chose to surpass the destruction of the planet, which would have taken you back to the Source to begin anew as new souls, or you could have chosen to go on in duality to the resolution of that duality and the remembrance of total and complete harmony with who you are and the expression of that truth while in the arena in which that remembrance came back to its fullness.


Congratulations my dear ones for choosing the upper road. You took the initiative and saw your resolution come into being. You saw that at the end of the road to perdition there was a light so bright, so immovable that you knew it was truth and that nothing could deter you from the expression of its Intent. You saw Home and you saw yourself in the glow that was cast back at you. Now you are entering the last episodes of the play that was written and played out in duality, and you have remembered who you are and why you walked this road.


You are loved so completely and dearly. You are seen to be the very epitome of that which was set in Intention, and the truth is that no matter the decision you would have come to, you would still be seen as truth and would be loved completely and dearly. The difference is that now you have given yourself the gift of knowing that no matter how far you stray from Home you can and have found your way back. You have exercised the energy of the original Intent and now you join The Source in the last vestiges of the story of all times, the one that speaks the truth for all of existence.


Come home in joy and love for we all await the celebration. It is a glorious feast that we plan for all. Begin the dance and keep the music going, for you are almost in our arms, rejoicing with us.


Thank you dear Enki/Ahn,

Love, Nancy Tate