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I come to you with a message of peace and joy. I come to you with a knowledge of what is to come, for I see already the shine in your eyes and the forbearance to withstand what is to come before the Light takes front stage and you all persevere and come into the unity that is destined for you.


This is Enki, and in this message I wish to inform you of the seed that was planted long ago for this time to show itself, and for the actions that will be coming that will open up the truth of what has been working in the annals of time to bring activities to this place.


I did not see the downfall of man when I first began my quest to create a race of beings that would bring to and end the advent of the darkness on planet earth. This was not part of the plan that I entered into consciously. I began my mission with the thought of creating a master race that would come to be known as the ones who took the reigns and brought all of life on earth to a place of majesty that represented the Creator in the finest way possible.


Subconsciously I was entering into an agreement with The Creator to bring about a race of man that would travel through their evolvement and come to a place in their expression where they would have to face their own dark expressions and then find their way back to the light. I was not allowed to realize this, as I was a vital part of the journey and the recognition of the darkness into which so many would fall.


That is all behind us now. We are at a place where enough of The Creator’s children have come to see that they are a part of the Light, and that all there is, is love, as I have come to see in these final stages of the plan. What we are about to accomplish on planet earth is the winding down of the plan into a second plan that will supersede all of the activity that has thus far come to be.


We are entering into the twilight of the intent of The Creator in the interest of what was set down in the annals of time. What this means is that there will be an accounting of what has taken place and an accounting of what has been accomplished in the past decade. Showing the rise in the productivity of the intent of mankind to accomplish that which is of the truth is paramount in the equation that has been set forth.


We are at a point now where the figures of the vibratory essence of the communication with The Creator and mankind has reached a point of zero, and as that expresses itself in the actions that come from this vibration there will be a demanding presence of Light that will express in the present intent energy and that will bring about a peaceful resolution to today’s activities.


My dear ones, I have found that in the eons of time since I first set foot on planet earth, I have come to realize that there is no room for the lies of untruth except to see and know oneself in the opposite of that vibration. We are all a vibration and are what we express in that vibration. We communicate with The Creator in a way that is irrefutable, and in that the truth of who we are always prevails.


What seems to take a long or short time to return to that vibration of truth is our perception of how we translate the communication that is disrupted by an outside source. What that speaks to us of its own perception, then we choose to either receive that vibration as our truth, or to renounce it in favor of our own vibration.


This is what has taken place in so many ways, right from the start with some of the aspects of mankind. As the souls incorporated their beingness in the density of the humans, they came to realize that they would better serve their vibration by creating aspects of themselves to experience and express on earth simultaneously. They knew of the truth of simultaneous expression, and in that they knew that destiny would be served by aspecting as many ways as was appropriate to their cause.


This explains the numbers of humankind on the planet today. In order to express in the way that brought the most experience and diversity to express the vibratory communication between the Creator and the humans, this was seen to be the most efficient plan.


We have succeeded my dear ones, in attaining this intent. We have seen that the limitedness of the plan has been opened up and found to be infinitable in its potential. Once we found that to be true then we knew that we had broken the bond, so to speak and found the resonance with which we could come round to the completion of the present plan and the flow into the next.


You see, my dear ones, life on planet earth does not end with this plan. You have been told this and you know it to be true. What you have not been told is that with the completion of this plan there is to another one that will bring in the opposite energy of what has been created thus far in the history of this planet. You have been told by various religions, and records of historical value that there will be periods of a thousand years each in which there will be considerations of evolvement with different segments of humankind. This is in its own way a correct communication of what is to be.


Allow me to further clear up anything that may not be clear on this point. When this total plan was set into place by The Creator, Source of All, there were different factions that were to be involved with this. These factions were established with the totality in mind of all that would be accomplished in this plan. There were to be three different factions of the plan, and in these factions were to be ‘tens’ established that would multiply themselves into differing groups of time and expression.


The groups that would express in time would remain on earth and would evolve in differing rates. They would express the vibratory experiences of the differing perspectives of humankind when allowed to express in the energy of amnesia as opposed to full recall of who they were.


This is what is taking place now, the fall from recall into amnesia, and now in these final days of the first faction, the rise to the recall and full knowledge of who they are. The three factions will be expressing that equation in the perspective that suits their vibration at this time.


The first faction to rise to their fullness will express in that fullness to rebuild earth, and her energy field will rise to suit that of the intent of the first faction. As the second faction remains in its own rise their journey will find them assisting those who chose to express in the third faction. They are the flux faction and are readying themselves to find their truth in the coming months and years of earth time. They are the one who will choose, and are choosing to reintegrate with the first faction, who has already ascended into their truth. They are in the process of rebuilding, on an etheric level, the body of Mother Earth, Gaia, and in this process they are becoming the totality of who they are in the etheric.


When the second group of humans have found their matching vibration to the first faction they will also re-integrate with their original souls and will be there to greet and welcome back to themselves the remaining aspects that will bring about the completeness of their soul in expression. The story will have been told, and the harmony will have been established from which to go on to the second plan, which will find all of humanity united in the next plan for them and Gaia to express with the totality of The Creator.


Now to address the renegades who have been interjecting their presence in this plan for the sake of bringing all to a conclusion that would send the message of the black hole equation to The Creator. This is that time and what you are seeing is the expression of that black hole and how it affects the creations of light and love in the absence of that recall.


We are seeing the ultimate of that expression thus far in the history of mankind. We are also seeing the ultimate of that expression in the annals of the expression of the Universe. This is what has come to pass for this universe, and with the inception of this universe it was intended that at the ending time of the first plan there would be a conclusion of the opposing energies of light and dark.


This has been accomplished, and it was through the stepping up of the renegades that this was accomplished. They were told from the onset that they would be given the ultimate Grace from The Creator when they had accomplished this mission. They have done so, my dear ones. Any further steps they may attempt while they are permitted to remain on earth will be based on hollow, empty energy of memory, and will bring no further influence to the energy of the present plan. In other words, this plan is complete, and in the density of time of the 3 dimensional earth it will present itself as its completeness and will come to be the expected expression of all those who have taken part in the plan.


In other words, as the last times and events are experienced in the momentum that has already been established, there will continue to be a quickening of experience that will bring about the earth dimensionality of the zero point that all of earth life is experiencing. It is all according to the intent vibration between The Creator Source and the creations of the intent of the All. All is in perfect sync, and in this perfection the rhythm is expressing in the way that is intended.


I have told you that I have returned to love. I have shown you in some ways that I know that all is Light and Love. I am here right now speaking through Nancy in order to bring to you an example of what it is to be in the flow of what is, without having to recall all of what is truth. You are able at this time to tune in and remember through your own higher being what it is that love and a lightness of being means. You are on the threshold of full recognition of all of your soul families and as that recall comes into fullness you will be able to see what steps to take to cast aside the old ideas of earth density, and be able to flow into the newness of your perceptions about life on earth.


The ones that I speak of as the renegades will be allowed to return to their home planet and to be reunited with their origins in order to be cleansed completely of the residue of their mission here. They will be given the freedom to express in the way in which they intend once they have been lifted off the planet earth and returned to their origins. In this way they will receive full pardons by the Universal Tribunal and will be able to resume their lives in a way that suits the love vibration to which they will be returned.


This is to take a transitory period of transmutation, for they have labored long and steadfast in the lower vibrations of the darkness and they will require the time to re-enter into the vibration that suits their original intent. This will be done on their own planet in order for them to be able to more efficiently and comfortably accomplish that. There will come an occasion when all of you will be able to participate in expression with them once more, but I get ahead on myself. That will be at a phase of the second plan when all is recalled as Love and Light and the expression of that will be total and complete as the intent for the first plan.


As to the second plan, there is an intent set in place for that and as it begins to evolve and come to fruition there will be an unmistakable return to the unity that is destined for all of existence. What the second plan will consist of will be something that is beyond your understanding and perception as your vibratory communication stands right now. That is to come into your field when that intent energy is acquired.


We are all looking upon you and assisting you in these final times. We see the turmoil that is stirred in your hearts and minds as the events come forward to affect you in a way that awakens dormant energies within. These energies translate into the feelings that were generated down through the lifetimes and were stored in your cellular memories. As they are stirred up they are accessible once more to the rejuvenating vibrations of all who are of faction one and are extending their intent energy for the restoration of your recall, as they have accomplished for themselves.


Realize that as I speak of the three factions I am referring to the ones of an etheric level. I do not refer to the factions that are of an earth nature, for they are part of the earthbound plan, while at the same time a vital part of all of the evolvement that is in motion. All that is taking place on earth is a vital part of this ascension time. The returns that will be accomplished are to be realized eventually by all of you, and when that time comes, you will know that truth has always been at the root of what has taken place on planet earth.


I leave now with one more fact that has been revealed to Nancy recently and I now reveal it to you. As you have been given messages and information from Hatonn from Nancy, you have been receiving that information from an 8th dimensionality of myself. Yes, I Am a 12th dimensionality of Enki and as I speak for him in this way in order to clarify our position in this matter I speak as Ahn, the Lighted dimensionality of Enki. He remains on a dimensionality below the 8th in expression for the sake of mankind.


His intent in this plan is to remain in differing expressions of himself and his energy throughout his evolvement dimensionally. He is doing that in order to complete his mission, for he knows that what came before is to come full circle and he will watch as his own humankind come to realize their Divinity through all of the darkness that he has led humanity through.


Enki did begin this message and in as much as I spoke through him, his intent was that he bring you this message through Nancy in order to keep intact the soul flow that speaks of the oneness of Us. Nancy is of our energy and in this she will be bringing more of this energy in the future. This is the first time that I have spoken through her in this way, and this is her awakening to this truth. We originate in the Sirian/Lyran energy, and as such are part of the beginning energy of earth.


We are very grateful for the opportunity to speak with all of you and to encourage you to the prosperity and abundance that you are, and to accomplish that though a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here in this earth energy at this time. With the onset of the Worldwide Intent Declaration that Nancy has brought to her work, we will see a huge expansion of the energy of peace, joy and love on earth.


I look upon you at this time with a great deal of love and joy, for I see such an abundance of Light emanating from you that I know that time is speeding up for you, and that means that fullness of expression is right around the corner for you. I honor and adore you all. Peace be with you! Joy and love abounds.


Thank you dear Enki/Ahn,

Love, Nancy Tate