I, Sananda am the further evolvement of the Lord Jesus the Christ. I come to you at this time in the energy of the many for there are multiple ways in which I present myself. This is one of the ways in which the communication for the benefit of mankind is brought through.

"Sananda Is a derivative of the name An, which is a Nibiruan name of royalty, and stands for the first unity king on Nibiru. Sananda represents the sun and the moon and the relevance to the universe thereof. I come from the ancient Amelias line, from which the Nibiruans were derived. That line originated in Lyra."

I intend to bring several messages for the interest of the Light of the Eternal Flame. In this deliverance is the spectrum of the totality of the violet flame as well as the Flame of the Source. This is the flame of many colors, and represents the Truth of the Heavenly Assemblage of Beings as we continue in our service to All That Is.

In the interest of serving mankind, I openly will show myself at several points of reception to my presence. When this takes place, those who will be in receivership of my energies will be told a purpose for their lives. This will take place at the moment of deliverance of the disciples to my gate.

In the interest of this one’s deliverance of the messages that will come forward through her beingness, I will present from time to time an example of the types of deliverances to the people of the world. This is the purpose of the wake up calls that this one is bringing forward. I, and a number of other beings will be sharing with the people various messages of the Light in the interest of bringing the sovereignty of the nations of the world to their highest order. Together with the other features of this site, there will be an offering of the nuances of the Light of the world.

Bring together the wandering minstrels of the songs that are sung in the heavens and on the earth; for within the tones of the Holy are the whispers of the truth of the Divine. You are the Heavenly Hosts that shine down on yourselves in the splendor of the coming age.

I work with you; and I sit by your side in the moonlight and the rising sun. You are my brothers and my sisters, and I am here to assist you to the shedding of the cross from about your shoulders. Carry on in Glory, and release Thine aching heart.

I am Sananda, and I bless your feet.