Archangel Michael



I am the embodiment of all the rightness in the universe represented in the personage of matter, as it is needed in the various circumstances of the All. Within this embodiment, I represent myself as the beingness of anyone’s perception. I am able to create that perception in the energy of the beholder, as is perceived by them.

When the event of 9/11 happened there was considerable energy by which the perceptions of the many created the specter of the angel hovering over the place of the event. The pictures that were taken were correct in their representation.

The energy of the angelic realm is one of change and maltability into the perceptions of those who bring that realm into their consciousness. Because of the long history of the angels being represented with wings and flowing gowns, this is what most people see when we show ourselves to them, for that we do, indeed.

In the beginning there was Light, and in that Light there was infused the word of the Creation. This brought forth the representation of that word into viability. During this period, there was a deliverance of attitude to the energy of Now, and the steadfastness of the image was created. This is in the ethers; it exists as a picture, which is drawn upon and perceived any time one wishes to see an angel. Actually, there are many pictures, which are representative of all the collective aspects of the perceptions of the many.

It is the purpose of the archangels to protect and assist the Earth at this time. There are several ways in which this is being carried forth. One of the ways is to bring about an order of rightness in the workings of the universe as it relates to the earth and all those beings upon it. This manifests in the order of the carrying out of the mighty warriors in the scheme of things. Yes, there is a band of angels who walk the earth and carry their Light to the far corners of the world. We assist individuals in their path, and bring a degree of understanding for their perceptions and acceptance.

We archangels each have our purpose in this Holy assemblage. Mine is to provide the impetus by which one can discover and bring into manifestation the Divine Power of the Source that rests within each and every one of you. We do not do the work for you, but with you, when called upon by you.

In closing I wish to give you a metaphor for the archangels’ energy. We are the triangle of the sun, the moon and the earth all represented by the life on the earth and in the cosmos and within each and every soul in existence.

I give to you the mighty sword of the flame of truth and power. Take this sword and go forward in the cause of peace. I am Archangel Michael, and I salute you all.