St. Germain


Hello, my dear fellows; I am St Germain of the highest order of the cosmos in the deliverance of the dark forces from the energies of planet earth, and the bringing forward of the Light energies for the advancement of the culturally predominant aspects of this grand race of humanity.

Within the service I provide in the coming age will be the utmost circumspect deliveries of the continuing evolutionary practices that will propel you all into the new age of enlightenment with the clarity and aplomb of all that the royalty affords in the grandest time of all of creation on this planet.

With the onset of the changes that are taking place on the planet, there will be a continuance of the splendid coming together of the dynamics of the chosen ones. In this dynamic you will see the playing out of all the pieces of the puzzle.

My capacity as an ascended master in service to this planet is to find the commonality of all the people, and assist in bringing together the purpose of building a grander assemblage of the peoples of the earth in the expression of the desires and intent of humanity.

In my long existence as a being on this planet, I built a legacy of promise to the totality of my beingness. Within this totality I have ascended to the position of the keeper of the peoples of the earth. In this capacity I release the bondage of the energies that have bound you to the fear energy all these eons. As you all reach my way and ask for the assistance, I bring to you my brotherhood, and tell you that you are as I in the Spirit that guides all there is.

In relation to the coming months of service, I will be expressing my purpose on this earth in the energy of transformation of the governing bodies of this world. In this capacity, I will assist in the bringing forth of the transformation of the rulership and allow for the return of the governing back to the people.

I am St. Germain; and I support all the workings of the Light that is to be coming forward on this planet for eternity. Deliver yourselves to the sovereignty that lives within that beautiful beingness you reside in. We are all here to assist you to that mission in the energy of the Light of all there is.