It is with a great deal of pleasure that I come and introduce myself to all of you. There is a great deal of work that is being done not only on your magnificent planet, but also in the neighborhood, which is our solar system. When the work is complete we will be a shining example of the profit of cleaning up our own back yards.

            I too am an aspect of this one, Nancy, who provides this medium through which we can bring forth information of the universe and our expression in it. I am most recently of an embodiment on the great planet Jupiter. I speak now from my glorious place in the ethers, without the experience of a body, for I chose to be of service to my planet and the remainder of the solar system as it relates to the rest of the galaxy and the universe, in my capacity as an etheric being. There are some things that are speedier learned in the purity of energy.

            In partnership with my twin flame, Zeta, I will be bringing information to this one as it relates to life on the planet Jupiter, as well as the universe. When there is a definite energy of the feminine it will be presented by Zeta, otherwise we will be as one when the information comes through.

            It is imperative that we on all the planets are in accord with each other, for we are indeed a neighborhood that is traveling through space to a new location in the galaxy. We will present to our new neighbors a wonderful addition to their skies, as they will ours.

            I have embodied on the earth for several lifetimes. This is the practice of most of the beings throughout time eternal, therefore there will be occasion to permit a duly devised way of communication that will belie the method now known and practiced. It will be as if communicating directly from the consciousness; this will be the degree of oneness that is established. In having experienced the energies of the earth, this will provide a basis from which this oneness of communication may develop.

            I bid you good day, and wish for you the grandest of times.

            Great peace and wellness to you all,

                                      Lotar and Zeta