Kryon is a collection of genderless energies direct from the Central sun. The energy through which we transmit is that of the entirety of the cosmos, therefore there is capability of transmitting through any being who wishes and expresses intent for that communication.

            In our service to the earth, we have been here since time began. Since 1992 there has been a group of our energies in service to adjust the magnetic grid around the earth. This task will be complete in December of 2002; and the effects of that adjustment will be felt into March 2003, after which time the total effects of the adjustment will be expressed in the evolvement of the people on the planet, and the planet itself. The Kryon energies will remain in service for as long as is appropriate for the people of the earth.

            The energy that is expended throughout these transmissions is of the highest order of the Source. When an individual expresses the energy of the Kryon information, that individual is interpreting through the auspices of their state of being and innate knowledge of their Higher self. This allows for the individuality of the messages delivered from one channel to another.

            In other words, the channel, our partner, Lee Carroll expresses through the purpose of his Higher Self, and the stamp of his beingness, while this one, Nancy, expresses through her own Higher purpose and identity. Each is equally valid as to the information they relate to the people with whom they communicate.

            We wish to say at this time that there is a higher order of being within each and every one of you. To become the expression of that higher order is to be able to tune in and relate to that beingness, and bring it into the physical manifestation of your lives. You are on the threshold of a whole new way of being; and we extend an invitation to partake of our services as often as you please.

            And so it is.