Galactic Federation


In the universe there are various governing bodies that oversee the events and workings of the various galaxies and solar systems. The Galactic Federation is one of those. In this Milky Way galaxy is the totality of all the numbers of the planetary boards and the governing councils of the deepness of space.

Though the area you think of as space is not empty, and is indeed teeming with life, it is part of the vastness of the neighborhood of the universe. Within this vastness there is an abundance of matter-potential, which is impacted energy waiting for expression. We as members of this galaxy have formed a tribunal of elders from the various systems that comprise the galaxy. Our function is that of overseeing the smooth co-operation of these systems as they relate to each other, and to themselves.

Those of you who are interested in the operation of the tenets of the Federation may find detailed information on any of a number of web sites, or in various publications that have explained our purpose and the service we provide. Soon there will be a representative from your planet who will be given a seat on our council, for your solar system is on its way to a new position within the galaxy nearer to the star system Sirius.

In order to bring clearer representation of your planet we have devised a way by which the governing body of your nations will co-operatively select the representative when the awakening of your society has reached a critical level. You will all find that there will be many changes coming about that will propel you into the reawakening of your innate beingness. As this comes about, there will be avenues opening up that will seem as faint recollection to some, and will shine as beacons of remembrance for the majority of the people on your planet.

We welcome you in advance to the beginning of a wonderful alliance with the family who has been looking forward these many eons to the coming welcome home. We have cleaned up the neighborhood and the Light is on.

We salute you and we gather you to our bosom.

The Galactic Federation